What's Your Good News - Pumpkin Spice, Registration and No Children

Wednesday, November 1st

Riggs & Alley now have pumpkin spice Oreos, Alley didn't get a ticket for her expired registration and Gibbons was without trick-or-treaters yesterday! Good News is everywhere!!!!


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An Alley relax. In case you missed it the first time how we get a good news parent which again is very exciting news that I have brought us all pumpkins by historians don't try this morning. AE grandparents yesterday they were not they are giving me a random case the trend and Stephanie who works at the McDonald's and a stop by every morning. Tags knee in a poster says please have great stuff by and get the news for the guys this morning. And that brought immense. Throw you a McDonald's rolled up and what is Stephanie there I didn't know about Palin it's fairly she has something for me and Alon yeah hold on. An example Ford is in yet. It's going to be an anti drug dealer in a McDonald's drive there or not and I'll just pumpkin spice all ahead got a standing. None of its enemies the flavored Oreo sleep freeways were. Orioles right finally are just the other flavors just in a way of just be an Oreo ranks yeah maybe the golden Orioles are OK and once in awhile but yeah. Publicize or is we have this one's my guess is what you're good news out. I might hit Newsday is the fact I got pulled over. On what's today Monday. I did not get a ticket they know Mardy in the hunt and I had so much good days yesterday and excited tonight. Authority when I got pulled over thank you mr. The city of New Berlin police officer was really nice to now day again really nice to meet drilled and it's easy we're going really fast you know I my girl right so I wasn't meeting at all I'll actually my registration was expired I didn't know it. I don't know my license plate sticker rental everything did you those expired Mike. Oh yeah that involving a minor like did I get a letter did like six months and I'll mind my gotten a letter he's pragmatic when I got. Up and is it a couple weeks you've got to ask you would've gotten in July that's gone now. As the months ago after my guys are nice I'm wearing November now remember this day he goes in the bottom right hand corner okay. And he's the last guy slams and Korea. Given switching goodness my good news is that I had notre structures in my apartment yesterday nine I got really nervous there were about sixty kids running around my complex knew it everywhere. There were so many kids I don't know really from their all and costume the gangs of them and none of them knocked my door thank god you guys this city of Milwaukee's sugar tree was last weekend from wonderful. Why they were your building is beyond me so many kids in costumes solo maybe get you would think that's like shooting fish in a barrel go into an apartment complex for trick or treating you that's just door to door after door after delay the young Loftus is not a treat not trick of treat. Must announce somebody. That about and also excited like a thirteenth floor Halloween party that never. I've ever had visitors that I maybe men desire good news or that the Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie we do. Mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.