What's Your Good News - Pay Day, Paving and Podcasting

Friday, June 15th

We got paid today, Alley's driveway is being paved and Riggs is a podcasting beast. GOOD NEWS!!!

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This is a week's finale rewind it loses match yeah everybody back and all you damn right and how well here's a good news today. Well first and also weakens them yes but you guys go to nurse called his Father's Day weekend off I think we all have the same good news you guys you have a solid. But not how I got about my gave me no no no no no now it's hey. Lord yeah. Let me get into the oh yeah. Writer Robyn my irons and I was there is passing out don't go fast so more. Yeah its heyday things time and yes my good news is that I driveways it's. Van dam they are roughly the concrete on the site today about my sewer details concrete walls and if he were back yesterday. Avenue driveway next week's they're going to be back to David next week. It's a drive on it does is gravel right now. And then they're gonna pour the concrete on the sides. Mary god gives Anita grass in the white in my driveway because she let you know we whiteness in my in my driveway into the ditch. On any idea why you get it ditches the idea that he's sad and just what you know and the only person that did my dad got a good. I don't know I'm not everybody's dollar three times he has somebody may die there may. Dixon they Medicare now and I'm stupid stuff I'd question about the country in the driveway. Putting gas obamacare with a country is for that around the sewer debt will you let Hudson know inside the country before it dries you are an energy there today. I would bet now okay thank you learn write my name and now. You know whichever tonight about a block him with a sledgehammer I don't know how you. And you come out or they need to Wear a red eight dollar and everything got cut it out of the content. You get me off the other day. Sophisticated Americans that way this one little part object doesn't have regretted. Things about their place I. Might it is today dropped to tied yesterday with fathers for Father's Day consist. Everybody forgot about father's desk seriously you could see their commitment not Father's Day so I've talked like my dad. Thought the couple friends and dads because we don't have kids. He talked and and an hour earlier storm I'll tell you you raise your kids about the jacket she crap that happens on TV cable and a senate Jesus breaks. Ravens are a better idea to take it out during an off the radio I'm. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.