What's Your Good News - Park Play, Skydiving & Ribs and A Pretty Picture

Thursday, July 12th

Alley ran her kids a bunch at the park, Riggs is going skydiving and Gibbons' girlfriend's kid colored a picture for the gang.

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. A three point seven kiss ass amateur eggs and Allie good morning it's good stretches some early on every day as last night naive to really challenge the park last night just a run and into the ground. Design your postal paid out yet and laid out what my damn kids what they do though tiger went to park at their momma valley on the radio Australia and us. They didn't hear me answer. Billboards do let them run their mouth is that's why mommy she's rallied from two hits after everybody now the little like eleven girls going to. Only from Kenseth passed. Here's all the depart these little girls love. Demons are training works yeah. Trained them to do that I energetic or public hate public places I got Al Abrams that's. My. Are they said she goes are you Talladega we ads are great kids but do announces the world and it's notifying invasion look like hell would they tell people that. Shot up my you out yes I am thinking it was Nenad. I'd like you are. Get a good news might get news like you brought a prop for you goodness yes when I went to my girlfriend's house last night yeah. Her six year old daughter comes up with three little colored pictures down she says this one's for you. This one's for killer and she hands me a third and says this one's for your radio friendly Briggs an Alley so she drew a picture of the 200. Obama's win. Hello I love my kids are right CE dalliances. A guy fell. And Naia and our idol creator Greg yeah you just can't. And I don't record she gets it actually asked did she hunter. Everything is she's got Steve rigs threatening because yeah sure they would have been did you generally that would not only RYG a lot of people involved when mom. I just alphabetically you itself you know I mean yeah picture all that's so funny if you're if you are and I hope. Parade Alan Murray. It has yeah they're fair game for the show I love that. If you got a horrible why didn't examine the jump out of airplanes today that is why not yes we. When I was gonna do that anyways in the Al in agony there rib fest tomorrow we're gonna go today now meaning that tomorrow we were a little too we are together and yeah yeah did you guys we try to go at noon today declared. Even overdose 30 gee everybody at noon which at last your we must of went on Friday night at about noon so breakfast opens today and now Cornet sorry yeah. But we're trying to literally goes to who's got the article you read your thoughts I'm sorry what Darren. How does that even opened yet you dummies. Slow overall look moderate stressed out court tomorrow OS is stats I met today is a good deal film and video for the number two and in society today for their pet of the week she. You don't jump out of airplanes that's my goodness you have the gold how many jobs are gonna do today usually don't jump to any time any attempts until I'm not enough. Don Don I like that it out of my dogs at camp yeah. Ohio what do you better get Hillary's right there. I'm abilities and Larry it's great agony whatever once again and I think kids for the weekend hanging on alleyways or goodness I. Gotta get a little kids of my. An imminent ground yeah I mean that's that'll work good. It is edits today that you well. Now I. EC they don't they don't hurt then he's he's he's a good oral hygiene yeah that is that's good news I guess yeah that's right hey I. Negatives that never cavities never not a good place. Are there ten Gabby stuff. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.