What's Your Good News - Parades, Hunting and Vacation

Friday, November 17th

Happy Hunting Season! Go get you some deer!!! Goooood News!


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Mix and Alley re wines. It's one point seven kiss FM rigs and value good morning in my name deer gun season in this weekend this generally easier yeah. Without without this weekend. Will likely end. And go hunting in the land get drunken fans bragging tomorrow starts now Andy isn't here get an hon. Don't normally wouldn't care about but I said it was going through my closet last Manning came across this blaze orange shirt. Yeah I got from my counsel Patrick passed away I was like I'm never witnessed and I sought yesterday as I thought I. Demanding I got that and is old John Cunningham so I'd crawl. Oh yeah there's an exact thing he wants I don't player I don't like where one man. Military's you take things up like dead relatives white shorts for George Noory years ago just literally sit there and I same here it's Europe is jury gets your niece or write anything else. I'm gonna hear PYE. Right yeah. You think it was a cool they're like so. That was so except there's like thermos is in the also like for. Wallets this Haniyeh madness I tell you how and what it's just gonna pile up earlier this orange blaze orange shared a site. Try to not in a fit me give the ire yeah I don't think that there is this like camouflage net. Says Ducks Unlimited so they can get a little guide to the cans and my uncle recommend it to where Terry asked for today's announcement in his eyes my guess is 400 day. Should rip accurately can. Car now I'm leaving tomorrow on vacation on the right. Family when you're an Al West Coast going to California for Thanksgiving my sister lives out there right. Parents are gonna go out there careful why they have legal marijuana as the devils let out on a massive task. They didn't care that David plot. But definitely a candidate I don't know all the talking a lot of terrible as the gateway drug NIC care California that a judge about we've committed to toll from planet. But anyway left somewhere in the she's gonna come back on the hard stuff you don't. I hear hooked man yeah Parker told us with the Gingrich. Last when he comes back to demand everything was very relaxed after he sat down after that I didn't really believe I didn't. Obviously I silently that a nice fun to get and the time had taken out of the car is landed in the land well if there's a car as planned now. And it's I Ryan clean in the movies cars but it's only on the West Coast and loses money than god. Think she's reached everything guards into the war why don't lose that season video of that quietly. Well given what's your goodness my good news that tomorrow morning we're going to the parade were going to be in the parade dollar paper I know yet how are you are. I don't think I'll be evaluated threat for most of the other day. Promotions ahead and some excitement great tomorrow morning yeah thanks. Already one here. It's a take it on TV if you don't wanna go out my whole leg just watch channel six alleles on fox the last couple years we've got miffed and the TV coverage for the live one really when they're airing alliance last year they cut to commercial right before us they might occur. They didn't love me. We played it on Christmas we were on that we got cut off during the live sea island right center what was it Toxics and doesn't. The message to cinema tweeting a what's the deal. I'm before Australia so that's real rude because it got hit hardly be cut us and then the group after the end of them in the it was. Yeah Dylan yeah. Digital editing conscious decision to. I got the idiot radio via lottery. I was a levee is a threat tomorrow we'll see in there even if we're not on TV will be there and stay you know Matta gave a shout out to think about it. Week's finale at Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.