What's Your Good News - No More Tears

Wednesday, March 14th

Riggs was finally able to get through an episode of This Is Us without crying. That's REALLY GOOD NEWS!


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I. Rigs and Ali rewind it sees brings the speed maybe fifty farce is Patrick to broadcast this weekend guys nice. I would spring and I was like it's going to be and I think patty Davis Saturday after 4 o'clock downtown. Jefferson at Mason 6 AM see you there yeah. Show you what my nightly news yeah honestly start with your kids are good news is that we everyday. These two hours that's 34 down call 820 minutes 259200. Seconds away. Saint patty's day around here. Hi Natalie where we're gonna have bagpipers snare. Really what is the sources say Patrick C have you every gas was ironic against backlight is they Scottish instruments he knew nothing new title. All Milwaukee Saint Patrick's Day experience and now. And you're gonna get it to Saturday it's going to be limited and Timmons. Yes and let's AM and didn't say had I may fall down the street and it's okay. Mary. Well your c'mon c'mon you know tumor in my that's right now. They're not certain tree right then on the bus until 6 PM to be felt by authorities. I'm very yet appreciate I accept that but what about Saturday you pretty okay you too late to stop for your high negatives are free rides at like 90 yeah. Don't let that happen and yes. It's difficult. All right guys Aliyev Disney I was yeah. And I got my sister in membership vendee. Like within the military that was never hear he was always like out of town on secret mission that. Minutes out of fear of losing Ellis of their quotes I know I now remember it was that it does get here earlier this guy's every other guy that totally got a wide forget somewhere you know. He finally after they've been like going off economically and disappearing and coming back into town for like an all these months maybe year back. But in town and he is she coming what do you mean she's back she's like. So he's got to make so you know you're gonna really find out if he's like half the lights or did you think he's back he was over my house of like oh my god what if this guy turns out to be real. What if he doesn't have a wiping pit. I was just I really like certainty which show how exactly my secret mission and tied the highest job of the military which you may. Yeah he's very and they may appear in North Korea or wherever I can tell I'm going to have a secret mission does it doesn't it was a military never Sibley he did. But he was always like networks and military chants of what I do the best of Britain's special forces it on your toes twice what he got. The time because he does it then I don't wanna talk about pace of the play is that's the good news is he's fast. And we're gonna get the answer. The good news because this is the soaps I've been following now for about. I just as it might live by the way to get these. Yeah felt like he'd better be back at. Governor of California look at somebody's ass NASCAR why I. I don't mess of myself today when you go on vacation a few weeks are you going to see your sister islands part of Laura I'll get different. Chipper goes Burgos. I was hoping the guy who beat the Yankees front faced and now there are in an error while my good news is that I made it to the season's finale this is a shallow triangle. Let's see how good or bad as Australia are. Don't pay. While no it was a channel shades Kate until these Lenny and your nose or get married so is this really gets this really get that special guest appearance and I was like oh my god. These match following. I don't exist ask dad Jack Jack is back and get against the little guy I want to tell you gotta watch go to find out like Larry this is us I don't really oil. As you know tear shed have to figure out and it's the reason Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.