What's Your Good News - NEWaukee Night Market

Thursday, June 15th

Gibbons hit up the NEWaukee Night Market last night and figured out how to create world peace....JUST DANCE, y'al!!

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She missed it the first time. Ellie realize what a great point seven kiss FM it's great Sally get morning another hot one today. Thank you really hot like I hero by upper eighty's and ninety's yeah. Late in the US open. Are they can't really feel bad for the caddies honestly do allowed the clubs around onion and Erin hills what are the most famous golfers who will be there for the US open which is a big deal of contact him at yeah. Yeah TV we've ever had the US. That's what little one of the four major golf championships I heard you read it to be any fight in his British act. Did that was so classic. They said midwest until it was more or less than midnight. And did a mall mid midwest let's go through my state it's got a very nice they're downright flying every game. Rich get them private jet seriously there and a helicopter crash stated business. Coral is picking up private jets like good news is I found a new TV channel that I'm obsessed with my life and I bowled it's called a wealth of entertainment channel. Did it is the most. Sorry it's all a wealth of entertainment. And what is it about it's just rich people crafty and it's all white people rich people crap that site last that we like to show called buying jets. So this couple like flying in jets should we buy cheaply by this leaders dead or should we try. Yeah air big bags of one point four million dollars for the jets. It was a king when profits in the with the guy let me know that being the king air drag out like a regular side play in the Iran again. Southwest jet he has yet with the big round jets a prop plane had the propellers yeah. The difference you're telling me this is the tiny plane. It was a small place you can't really high on the al-Qaeda was super nice Indians I would like leather chair and I actually it's like the ones really hard actually it would. And while a lot of across the Kutcher star. Not a big guy one of the king air in the world and one of them indigestion. And she was like I don't think we can land the jet and our brand too much. I remember on our. Well perhaps enlighten me. It was like what are we watching this isn't me it's insane I don't wish this was my biggest problem does. Jet in my gonna buy today she was like you know let's get the king Aaron and I can do is that we can just chartered jet from a girls weekend. We can't I them out of his friends about it. Field guys I love that you're watching this from your big we need good health and Bryant and joy of kind of drawn a lot of room. If I realize they're wrong Hannah Lance give return channel. We'll bring you John. Tomorrow that's more good news. I'm on the road. Big difference is never met his sister now we're. Heeding any penny penny you got to meet her clothes off WI health yeah. But that's. Scenario where there. And I've really okay. Yeah you do don't Betty did you domains we've headlights that didn't get cumbersome when you've seen personally he's a little crazy and a little more successful cell. Little more rich it's arguable that hunt and pay out there crazy. Development as a catalyst and Nazis and us are gonna work out to do you may you have a girlfriend there wasn't maybe I don't know given your sister and yeah. Players just like tired. Any good news all my good news is I am down the wave of world peace are on the way Tiant are racist generally were that easy dancing okay I'll. Almost what kind of dancing just Sharif on the street puts a hip problem and let people dance I went to a new walking public are not that night market last night. On Wisconsin have detonated DJ out there right how wow this dude had a jam to bump him and there were little white girls from four years old. And old black dudes over sixty. Everywhere in between everybody was dancing. Everyone wanted to include everybody else what this man it was fun it was so lets you cannot advance for your appear mentally anti everything all the but it was also sold whole lot of dancing is great girl dancing and a million and they had a my. Market downtown and I hope to once a month it's on Wisconsin between old world third and fourth and then on old world third between Wisconsin and wells now. And it was awesome. Sundry debtors and grand avenue is plenty of great front of the green at the ball pretty pretty not good news was able to answer it Armin yeah. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.