What's Your Good News - New Shirt, Brewers Win and Keto Carrot Cake

Thursday, September 13th

There's almost too much GOOD NEWS to go around this morning!

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie relying on good morning good morning good morning. Nice day policy for a high schooler final late. Guys have good news to start off that day my great news. I can't wait for attorney Goodyear wind and she knows why last night should be a message. She said Palin tonight market and I see these quad strokes I don't know what show shirts you know all our. And I and I wanted to wind in his organization out again Zeller and she's like they're selling them do reading you're like yeah. So she got me why secular verdict gave your taste like the minutia. When you're you know wash your doughnut thrilled I'm representatives standing here. My dad doesn't get like what I might mean Bono as I love you I'll go to skirt and they don't worry here Asia I. Only sure. They're very Milwaukee after they had you know they do good things and brazen audience. I'm I'm all about details in the yeah demons after my good news and visit the brewers beat the cubs last night GAAP and are now one game behind them in the division. The brewers company's strong maybe usually in September call up all the wagons and soccer club come into it there's still September 11 given site. Actress playing the port brewers I don't know why nobody care right now literally can't compete now. Hackers now there finally into the final in there and you know playoffs this year may be when it on the Elmo. The nice. Tonight's might it is is do you guys like Kerry shakes his dad love and care case what if I told you value that addicts Tito. Friendly carrot cake recipe that I found and Eminem makes. I actually appeared kick but even then my whenever you're ready Erica my name I call from Jeff Kayla Marie Dominique and I barricade and Reagan do you recognize chef at these things well. You know yeah. Visible and nobody know how delicious they RE your helmet to helmet in the it's going to be amazing. Place I have all the ingredients ready to go yet sure of the carrots and everything which helped get in the and I. Allah she acknowledged she doesn't remember it I. IE just almost guarantee is all shredded carrot and there's like yeah. Nothing in these kind of my guys now she writes down like what they count as for Mikey did I imagine so this picture hidden weapons and icing on Intel is like nothing yeah. Can stop vegetables intro so he thought she does. I'm glad you did is they tell us murkier as the heart. It's all in the trillions we cares he's got to show them very finally with the Soviet gas a day in Somalia these young men love that word that's all it is. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.