What's Your Good News - More Meat, Amazon Prime Purchase and THE NEW BABY

Thursday, July 19th

Meat, Amazon Prime and Newborn Babies all brought Good News to Riggs, Alley & Gibbons this morning!

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie reliance on a three point seven Josef demonstrate finale good morning Mike good news that are piggybacking off yesterday's good news is to meet that I've found. In the chicken and it kind of has put your place is amazing deal. Yeah never really. That's not a great place for me I'm so excited oh yeah that's right yes raised so proud of them is not an ad but it should be an ad because as the Soviet get an effort how that is going to look the butcher shop is yeah. He did get kind of neat we GAAP top of the line have been struggling to find good chicken and found some good chicken chicken and I give out some poultry seasonally lowest and what does the grocery store just. And yeah. Had chicken it's chicken legs stay here again immediately they ask again. I don't know I've just been getting bad that's chicken and I was like come and go somewhere else up comedian out of the got easier when. Yeah so damn it's really. You have thirty days when it's too sick yes because it cooks and even if it gets teased. I think given an under ten their answers on the and lieutenant Reiser sent their guys you meet him and I NT is that seasoning at the Indians to a lot of things that I think. Poultry seasoning he wasn't holding his re absolutely right he won tomorrow off. The race told me bring you got some good should season they still sealed it at night and Amazon so high impact accident. I live out there like five years ago I thought accidentally as a five or six pack. And Helen are Allison thank you to go to one thing these and like years. Easily yeah specifics on apple and play harder if that's what you did not get this might. First to Cleveland I'm. What yeah. Her first day and human. Look up to this notification like to dig delivery in the middle that's not eat. York auto boxes delve into little bird that bought into otter box nice bonus right. Dirty box which these are really eighty's how he had to take a picture of it on your porch like Taylor and I know. Eight because it was in my mailbox. I saw I wonder are they delivering in the middle of the right now I am I might nice get and how are they behind candidate running behind what you think in the box. My first delivery from my days here and I'm proud. Nice sandwich goodness of my good news that thank god my backup alarm works. I was up super late overnight for him because my sister and. Yeah. You're real color would you gonna call me uncle zero I don't know I don't know what the statistics are you need to have a new name. So I knew I do I barely any sleep on. On CNN news or less that's great yeah I think I deregulation. Deregulation. Riggs and Elliott brings a LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.