What's Your Good News - Mom's Back

Tuesday, November 7th

After missing a day with nanny issues, Alley is back and better than ever! Yaaaaay!!!!!!


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This is a smelly rewind what a three point seven kiss FM it's rigs and Alley let's just joining good news or in Lancaster India that's it's yeah. Alli is back today I'm back. Yeah I was gone yesterday has many any was sick. But now I'm back. The worst isn't over is news there is actually Laura knows the worst we have Dennis is not many times as most people have nannies and and get there in a separate Tony Blair so much how would. So we're just fighting an air like if you ever had someone come to work your sport the market on their way US patent and people I talk to people. Can't find an employee to show today yeah. Just like somebody showed up shortly ask Gary Player and you find the al-Qaeda in nightmare trying to follow. Someone who didn't consider staying team does that you now have met she does that sound and she's back I'm here. Fantastic yeah I'm tempted to check me any problems and anybody. I was really good action films like happens you're gonna run all the bombing yeah. It's just I don't know it. So the Hummer your personality. Even a real I can tell you the things are every good thing I don't know about the. But given this didn't lose all my good news today is today I've waited for for months to Wednesday at 70 yes like six my. Ago it was announced that on ESPN tonight Tuesday November 7 could be thirty to thirty documentaries on the man the myth the legend. Then nature boy I don't know breaks laughed at the sixteenth time W do really well champions Tennessee right. Really really wants some. I was having covers that some of the woman last night she goes I don't understand the obsession with wrestling and I said world wrestling for guys is like reality TV for women ya the best thing that messed Terrell I can draw yeah. I women a year and a reality TV descriptive phrase yeah yeah entertaining the apps offer shocking at the same thing with this new well packages over and reality TV doesn't need scripts anymore because everyone's got jobs are at. Do Bailey's skirt jacket that they would nobody went to Wear woman's hormones. Oh I'd watch as specialized WWE fans and it talks about how they were the most psych out yeah they're the most passionate. The biggest sports fans out there they don't get any credit especially at that these are the biggest sports fans. Football. I don't know how the image I had the cycle about what you should do. It would win a fight NASCAR fans vs WW okay yeah. Oh right that. NASCAR fans and sell tickets somewhere nervousness what they come to this story lines are very I'll. I'll get a grip somewhere in the pursuit of proximity of that flight will be a table. Three guys in the W beside gang up on one guy on the NASCAR side had to get my triple power bomb through genital yeah. Yeah Jirga it's sure going to be here until we got better. I copper answering your day. Riggs and Elliott rigs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.