What's Your Good News - Meat, Sleep and Technology

Thursday, October 12th

Gibbons got good sleep last night, Alley's not bogged down by technology SNAFUs and everyone's going to Jake's Deli later today. Good News all around!!!!


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Kelly relax. You know JCMR the first time digesting Alan berg news he has the look in deeper. And I can't be like it's Thursday it now can I say things that he's something life changing. OK and like the latter something. But about my it is the fact that we on the set this morning that we're going to Jake's telling TD again. Yeah not quite the is that exemptions did last time which is the commission challenge yeah key army accord V event. I'm twelve now Strom Indy. We have to go back everybody hates LA we're getting their picture taken again in the saddle up because we took it down and camera media. What is your goodness my computer updated yesterday on knowing medically commuter update yeah so today I was able to commit just. For seven minutes specifically about it dating my computer computers and their audience worse humans are treated is my good news is that it's 730 last night. Said in his thirties I was embedded guys dead asleep. The best night of sleep by the had during the week in light among the nab an amazing. All right so Monday and yesterday eluded text. It's gonna crash art auction I was dozens like 5 o'clock let's not seriously we were snapping each other back and forth talking really really fast just up up up up up it's good guesses after hours so I've heard so annoying that was just in class yesterday it was amazing. Just got the whole time I look the whole time I was going so hard six and ninety miles in forty Mary K and like broke off and actually went through the water. Automatic stuff Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.