What's Your Good News - Lunch Date and Skydives Galore

Friday, August 18th

Riggs will be spending all weekend skydiving and Gibbons went on his first post-breakup lunch date yesterday. We're full of Good News today!


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This is rigs and Ellie rewind to give Lindsay has good news is nothing more I have good news desk yesterday. I ventured out. I want a little lunch date. You so much data and attacks and I was wondering does as a lady or a gentleman doesn't have excellent in this deleting myself and we went to Paul he's an eatery in the good old thirties Dallas had a nice. Little lunch now appears now to conversation. There was a third real Alonso was kind of lets all promoting Freddy came for the rides he was hangout for off. It's where you don't first taste of what a pretty solid with CNN just is that your first ever fundamental excited exactly yeah. Three it was it was a good time everybody's second day maybe not noticing a trend edition of Freddy actually deficit dvds he's popular out here you know and nudism I guess in every hung out had a good old time fans of like good news for tourists might it is is that it's a beautiful forecast that we get an analyst and the whole weekend skydiving and split literally spun about three days it has in the sky that Dario. Think it's a bilateral a month ago I was like come and be done all weekend you gonna forget this seems like they're probably well. The week before hey I'm gone all next weekend. I did yesterday forty doing this week any of them out all weekend skydiving right all weekend on now I am I thought yeah it is a perfect forecast is that usually one day's gonna screw you like. Saturday a screwy year like send Sunday afternoon screw here but to have like Friday through Sunday. Perfect weather for my own plan to ask this guy betting industry what is the last time you jump is just a dental I'll ask James Dennis. Do we seriously as an Altamont Canadian wow I just checked my phone and so it appreciated every 653 C 3637 inch and it gets 400 this weekend I mean you do that we are now hopeful. Maybe I tried really hard Molina messed up that you can do it is getting a personal pizza it translate myself I don't finish it a man. Riggs and Elliott Greg Kelly weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.