What's Your Good News - Jazz In The Park, Peaceful Sleep, and Clean Teeth!

Friday, July 20th

Riggs FINALLY went to Jazz In The Park, Gibbons slept peacefully through a huge storm and Alley got her teeth cleaned yesterday. GOOD NEWS!

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An Alley relax. Casey mr. the first of three point seven kiss FM good morning it's great finale my good news is that for the first time in nineteen years living in Milwaukee yesterday it was my first ever jazz in the park. First Josh yeah are down I don't know what it's not awful. Did she has. Work is never haven't dealt with every click every analyst Larry give you hell I know exactly what I was down there let's say nobody knows kids. Whatever you know they're never went never I was always on Thursday we were somewhere else when it was happening or the weather was really terrible and we didn't go. It just never worked out so slightly for the first time that puts him like birds to be my joints at the Clark got specialized. Now we can bedeviled these things you can bring your own news now it's like we need to bring a different to what are your I'm supposed to they dale. They started selling. Golf selling soon it became commercialized it wasn't just jasmine bargaining yeah everything change of years ago who is due in the killing last night as the street Mika. He was undercutting everybody. We doing that chip out doing. I would like to an agreement killings from memos make an Achilles last. Taylor fist down the street need to I'm sure the toll was doing was his workers and brushed Sallyann it was a super simple to get in Arabic and everybody has taken so much hell yes Marta running to first just the part that was my goodness did you know. What you did is given my good news is that there was mayhem last night outside my apartment. Thunder and lightning I think your tree got struck by lightning because it literally I want to walk my dog this morning in a tree had fallen over my dad's the good news is. I slept through all of that damage or perhaps a second I was. What don't like thunder and lightning here. More runs around the house going you know it just you levs good movie cars he runs around the house went. So I didn't care here the fund earlier and I don't know how fun dirty at all you're the fund are all there. So shoot under here's the fun they're here to connect the and our. You can apply under no embrace your speech impediment to MySpace. Go the way in the last six or not. We're gonna use that that was the TH sound yet they don't turn your good news. I got my teeth cleaned yesterday yes and she said that there will get a shot. Oh my whatever outlets are remembered that there yeah sure oh yeah. Moved here they're looking better and I go well and Kevin every six months to competitive tonight ideal week before your tennis deployment you clean the crap by now itself. On the jury that I don't know that I could. Every cartel related idea. Why should I. I loggerheads over the last week have been flustered like a maniac. Doesn't it just doesn't I just bad luck adults blossom not Hawaii oh good news and let amateurs you. And Eliot Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.