What's Your Good News - HOV, Cans, and Fly Tuxes

Wednesday, December 6th

Riggs has the most fly New Years Eve tux EVER, Gibbons saw Jay Z in Chicago last night, and Alley is a great Samaritan. Good News all around!!!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life kids and smashed tonight. Sold out show include attorney here. Now it's crazy dream retirement a Vermont since it's one of three point seven kiss FM so you're gonna that is especially here now. I'm saddened about the Hillary Allan what your record straight for now it I was saying we like to start every day with good news yeah start and never day with good news or what your game. My good news is the givens and I get fitted for our tuxedos yesterday braced. Don't Christ didn't bail out every now he's I think is Smart guys from DR Gary theater gear you have crazy I promise you. What I am going to look awesome. How honored I said he. To me I promise you you because I know that two of the women that are in the had to do the designing elected they pieces to get a little Mike Bjorn thing you know oceans and is like. Tons of different suit and everything everywhere and she found his jacket looked really cool guy like Kenneth copper tone do it. Kind of shiny but not really heroes while that's any jacket mega. Yes she does this is that you and they didn't she does pull out a second Eagles and grab the best deals with and both had to deal with. To get this thing you have a spoiler yeah. Yes into that would make him out they went where we get that she went I didn't put it together I was like wow. I'm awesome edited this. With Gibbons. It's going to be great we'll yeah. We can judge it anywhere anywhere past the music you're gonna be that you are OK so. The vote I do you have a vote right oh you bet your bottom dollar write off course I masquerade ball we need votes I still try too hard for. And Alli Alli I don't try birds heads shall we don't have to try to be fun. Hunt rig say here's a look awesome. And he promised you that got quite a big stickler I am looking UN EI I promise you I will look all summer yet then rigs we have to look. Great and he's giving me a run for my money against. Honestly how can we not a joke it's not that dumb and dumber. Costume or something noble and knowingly jet looks okay yes and we will apply for our mastery of our big guy so it's good news that we're gonna look right are not a cheesy. Don't let your feelings my and his magic to the trash can in my neighborhood. Quite the helpers the neighbor down the avenue they only when a guy everybody was taking a national. Trash can in the middle of the aero I pulled over at my neighborhood I got out I. Different if I'm truck that was coming true I got back in my car and I drove off I thought she was you're making a Jokester she picked up her own. Don't know for sure it's the domain name right I thought what a good. It the other way it was. So I shot regardless drugs are killing yesterday and slamming the damn hole you es slash I couldn't joining us in my car just like all my got a good old boy oh boy. They didn't really lose a note to Cincinnati and not do well. What your credit is given yeah my good news is that last night you guys yeah I went to Chicago and I saw JEZ do his damn tank and 444 toward Toledo oh you know let's Ireland without my buddy Jeff coverage or from the C 2000 I got tickets at the last second. We from the radio station was placed in an email from the roaches department and their like. We might have cheesy chicken out if you won in in the drawing let us know and I was like sure I'll go for what else well not and it turns out I won the tickets and I wasn't sure if he was the only one in the drawing an idiot Sarah. I'm certainly my daughter. Yeah I think that's probably true that. And I think it's and that's your goodness have a great day it's one of three point seven kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.