What's Your Good News - Health, Cleanliness and Black Panther

Tuesday, February 20th

Gibbons is no longer sick, Alley is getting her ish together and Riggs saw Black Panther over the weekend. GOOD NEWS all around!!


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This is a week's finale rewind it might in his is that some black panther last many many. And it's pretty yet. Yeah became allies weekend yeah I played a 190 million dollars something crazy like that okay so okay. You know I don't get into superheroes how did I say black superhero correct yes now. How many black superheroes are there and I'm not even trying to be funny ending series and I'm curious. And now. I was in the X-Men movies she played storm thinks that it lacks cancers like at all. Burton why flying so couldn't she just showed up to one of the avenger movies that might hold easily and one character like Superman or they're all older care just common thugs from the past. He's a newer one in the movies than ours it's always kind of like how he came to be in words from his from. Wolf we'll conduct which is that there's this place in Africa where they don't like this crazy portal and its in the future. It's like every other marvel movies or play. Some might easy FTC Captain America it's kind of like that or Wonder Woman just like a story about CI. Iron Man yeah that's not really an ensemble movie with everybody loads on him by now it's just the black Panthers like Kelly candidates prepare. Did Talladega has. Absolutely yeah. This is just citizens and a million mark commonly they do them very well Ernie at any time that they've got to that it was behind an idea. Movie amazing special thanks connecting with Reagan not a good news is that I cleaned my bedroom and yeah yesterday. You're just a matter apple people. The organization it's like you walk into my house and it's a mess continued during the quarter and it's like one rooms every down in the hole I'll. That's my bedroom did you bring to your pantry right it is treated over. Only as collateral trying to reorganize my life yeah it can get everything clean as I vacuum my bedroom floor time before that vacuums. Picking up then it's. That's her story just south let me jump in dark hair and dust and vacuum again dubbed dark hair got. You must give I'm an idea for Andre vacuum and a better lol nice clean house now given the material and I think better and her. I guess I have a lot of sugar and it's my good news is that I am that this morning. I've got hit with a sickness over the weekend Obama from Friday I don't know where the hell came from his words mean what can peoples faces car didn't kids dropped the entire. About two days and how I thought it was just a humiliating and I got home and I had a fever and I was just sick as a dog for two days. Come back I would say better than ever but I was never good to judging yourself they say we're nine weeks out from this six month. Hello I'm after. Well there is such a healthy now let's get yes yes yes is it. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.