What's Your Good News - Got Paid And No Rodents

Friday, April 13th

We got paid and Alley's house is finally free of rodents. That's GOOD NEWS!!!!


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This is rigs and Ali rewind the morning it's rigs valley and that if it's Friday may be you do game and I pride day. We always are good news first thing of the day what's good news body I would like to give you my good news I'm gonna let instinct of my goodness. Cocaine and center. Okay. I'm afraid I thought they played here and think versions here by the way you know that that wasn't the original right here that was a remake of a song yeah shelter where I feel like I'm out all right hey that you get it. I had I. I'm sure I got paid that was a remake kept up the original. Google just got hey I have no what I swear you I had no idea that's my favored and sing songs Virginia twenty years are just happy it was a hot hot hot shot they can't that's all I am I at all GI Joseph that you say the original the more you know GAAP. Review I'm Don. Rules. Might it isn't that I had a guy come out yesterday from the exterminator placing me. He and we checked by bomb in novels date staff that the house had been eating the crackers out of them which means we are in a rat him out yeah because we got over vacation and found one of my kids and it was so cute. I was history and if I didn't get electorate over the fence. But the guy game yesterday we had a long talk to you and we walked drab look to the mall and so we've tried to. Nip it in the but he's got to figure out where they're coming and bath house which is the first your T park is what's the point of fighting it if you don't have a getting in the house down but call me crazy GAAP. You setup mouse traps behind to catch mice guys that doesn't really touch that now it tells you if they're there because they eat debate. I would get my three or four days of dollars yesterday. Do you do you look at Mel stated for the week are you fed him all weekend. Apparently they get a guy would have the drive is why don't regret it earlier when. Good for you Alcatel is the trick is we're trying to get above the that the the problem of the bug that's a direct result of the governors and Allie is the micro. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.