What's Your Good News - Gibbons Concussion Protocol

Thursday, March 8th

GIbbons didn't die!  Part of today's edition of good news...


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Garnett and don't give us this morning he's on concussion protocol my guide you can't even make it's I have got to give. Yes seriously by the head Libya peace we have a computer that never works of one of our production studios know what to reset at any got down on the ground and when he lit. His head up he ran his head right into the metal on top of that or as little metal brace that holds little yeah. Yeah not to sell vouchers story I'm curious after the show. Why walk around and he can tell he's just out amenities like oh I'm seeing some. Normal and Mike gives go to the hospital so he is off now he likely does not have a concussion now what he's now for two days for safety and that's fine. I potential not a word you can't even make get conducted this aircraft what little money parents are it was a mild heat. We want to be able Y yeah that it wanted to work for a couple days Hornaday and they were saying be careful patient die we don't reliable. I got to get it sort of contest like that you're supposed to take a couple days. Shell out but it should until thing as his head is okay here's a shot at a target isn't given is not dead yet that's good news that is very very good news. That I cut my dog's nails yesterday. IE I'm very happy fifty leads me down for a long time snows here to do that understanding of any any game. Hello all she did it turn five seconds through security again do it has. And even move one time I got Sampson stay on the lead that was that felt so bad you've got to give them I did as did. Jim they're male way I did a little makings of a mixture here around us. Goodness and CNN a class act.