What's Your Good News - Fun Family Outing

Friday, January 12th

Riggs, Alley and Gibbons had a great night out for wings and beers in West Allis last night!


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Makes an Alley rewind. 103 point seven kiss FM trees now I would tell you what Natalie and good. Joseph demonstrators showing him later the B Myers the hitter not a few years ago at its fast. Today agency voluntarily Aaron he's got me kind of maybe I'll just like their names early ninety's he's dead children. Little lazy they're still looks like that flight no it does is great I. I think what I hear that IIQ that 2000 no way his face doesn't look like that and more duty yeah me. Looks exactly the got a Elway or cosmetic surgeons and on the days you play your Tom John hi Jody the national treasure I. I did my share behind. Of them and why that's what to preserve him very well so a bunch of it beat by Joni play the Bradley Center may 21 point eleven needed summer fest back and own nine Bradley Center February 2008 July 2007 January 2006 I can go on so well yeah what is written. Throughout the night lets the dog out of the two thousands there right usually 1997. It's guys are doing right given them a lot of it is my. Bon Jovi coming all that's right she's gonna be out may be the last show it to people here is Bradley Center moon. I'm pumped about grades what your business might it is that we Altria to hang out last night like one and oh yeah. Dallas malice is fully college last night's idol out of college dirty stands anymore no harm we're gonna get complaints because people are tight nowadays they moved I talk to Lebanon greatly. Let's until element of that agreement sets up a I really flat with me last night flag and I shouldn't say yeah I was at a really like calling it dirty Stasi as a stand journey for you let's get into it. Very good argument loses like I'd love to hear all right 845 light finds a threat. My magazines we had to hang out last night which is great as a really fun time outs given what is your goodness my good news that a day I'd been waiting for for a bike. I wanna say four to six months is finally here. Bone thugs N harmony that. I already know what I did he started during the last I ever that. Bone thugs and armies and I music's girl what's the point don't get a head start grandparents that statistic you get it no longer and I I know and now we launch into a bar last night the first thing a guy says the givens. They weren't you double listing like you were near the yeah it's hot hot hot hot yeah. I some ladies don't regulate and last night there's people talking around town about your. God I. We yeah. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.