What's Your Good News - Family Time

Friday, February 16th

Even in a world of sad stuff, we have to pull through and start every day with good news! 


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Start everyday with goodness thank the first you can go first or my guess is is that I thought that my family is blowing me off yesterday he's using it for my house and it's enough to actually get to see them for. Since surging. Our sister holly in this one what I've. Here's yeah. Every fifth marriage and they all look exactly alike and I walked in I was like Monday he before did you look just like all the other sister you never know because they do all of this and they don't live here and so incumbent. What are they look at all of this to me they think it's like they come in bella to save big on your record economic weight which one was adamant that went to commit a history of underwear and my middle sister goes to Purdue when she was in Madison yesterday for the UW Madison was Purdue game Madison who. Sorry girlfriends. Face. Our Purdue is there that the better team they have had a better record everybody thought they were gonna end I think it won nineteen straight games but no loss. Green so holly go to Purdue now do you guys in May fall out they get lots and that would graduate like everyone else yes. To figure out. Yeah graduates can figure skating. Yeah and is valid. I have great news the great news is it's Friday people yeah. I'm more of your seat it's the weekend. You know I got to sit dude I think this weekend as I got this big note on a vitamin that mr. snow I'm gonna just I'm excited that I loved kids they can actually rest. You can rest when you have children impossible now seeing lots of Kansas ice snapped Ali G. Let's turn on a dramatic but that is true life student bright outgoing UE every Dodi just what your mom when you're sick now imagine being a mom with children that need here it is our annual math telling you like shots. Air to be sick with kids charges are given would you goodness IE chaperon my girlfriends daughters first you're yeah. Hi Diana was a great success was there I did you have to step in and chaperone any moment where it was or any solitary player garden. Was there a moment why should I surrender as the money the schools K through four I believe and at one point eight Kidd grabbed another can put him like a wrestling moves and I wanted to go over not to break it up at the show he was doing the movement. I don't I don't every regular guy value in Iran business and I did another Saturday night lineup up.