What's Your Good News - Date Night, Conferences and Doggies

Friday, October 27th

Gibbons had a good date, Alley's son is a star at school and Riggs saw a bunch of doggies! Good News all around!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life I don't know how to play seventy assess damage rigs and Allie could mar Al Goodman Marley and not have diverted given something you heard today. Okay birthday to you friend Paul. Do you wanna start the good news today sure I didn't go right ahead given my everything go first Mike good news is faith effort devils now have more good. New gas theory out today pass fund's size suggests how well. A holiday is AI eyes. I could. So I would nothing Walker's point last night to hammer out areas where the early used to be yeah. Place it's been all I ever get to the old do I saw my god please realize it's okay the next. And the giants I'm Pelfrey can write him Marty today and Merrill that another no giant let her eyes down the giant pepper write really yeah. Didn't get anywhere I think they like right now that's right I hamburger Mary's. Knew her all I kind of cool arcade games we've played a racing game against each other mean lady friend who I went out when yeah we've played good deer hunter game. We've played adult Jindal where she. Sure it was surprisingly okay yeah I see at what's your view inside and I'll yachts I don't know how little bit too cold I went back inside artists like to ask what calling the one point zero I was with just what's the craziest thing you've done downtown Milwaukee and like ten things come to mind on Mike does the third day and I can't get too crazy government. I don't know I don't really do crazy things that you like. I've walked barefoot downtown Milwaukee nice and I'll ever done that girlfriend dashed. I ever done that she was like you should do it now so I took my shoes and socks overalls walking around Walker's point in cold weather there he is critical issues to be funny show as I could I just stupid not. No doubt she's not going to fund your shoes it's a theory weathered walk around us. She's totally fun that's awesome as Dahlia good news is ideal read my first parent teacher conference last night. And Ellen did genius in US hospital that that. You know we've trapped all that he's he's far right he's doing everything is supposed to be academically he's got them you know issues what accounted behavior based five easing him a guarded him in order to counter his mother suffered unit issue well yeah I've heard about yeah. A very well that's a sound that's correct and fix our first major conference and I literally. Woke up from an app report. DA bounds across the street the school Y five his talent college I check anti viral that world's okay it's my impassioned and worlds. I did news is yesterday went to the number humane society and it found that they have a whole what you dogs from Puerto Rico yeah. Feminist and restaurants and tiny little puppies and investors other two dogs. To moan and boom bust. In the speak Spanish you guys should I don't know. Yes I promise you they should if they came from ordering a doubt I mean if you see your dog speaks English right digital that I just two months. It's a sensitive today and the Dow went to set down. What are the sit dogs have like the mentality of like a two year old to think of what a two year old and understand that you could understand a lot that you just can't talk down the doubly up for adoption soon again against them. Instantly neutered and cleaned up and everything but yeah. Setting those dogs importantly. There are no kill shelter there are no just I don't know and that is your goodness stuff. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.