What's Your Good News - Cookies, Chili's and Deodorant

Thursday, February 22nd

Alley's got SO MANY Girl Scout Cookies, Gibbons had a great dinner out with his girlfriend and her kids and Riggs hopefully finally solved his sweaty armpit problem. GOOD NEWS!


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She missed it the first time. Daily realize what a three point seven kiss FM it's great finale good morning we get let's winning this morning for you including. Just to see two issues in my. Mendez tickets see like 8:40 this morning tallies back out of I hear good news I got my fourth deliberate girl star Kurt. I'll be out there and my neighbors are now delivering do much of that he's healthy the want my girls gather these great in my apartment now I'm like overwhelmed with girls got good idea this weekend is officially girl's death that he weekend at my cousin I don't they of the I would all the business. More youthful arrogance the Booth I can't remember that gets into another round again. Every worry how are apparently doing it for them I don't do it yeah my neighbor of the appetite other go to everywhere now so it's like stimulus check. Pre order these and other all this being delivered my third did you are they coming you know this new iPods. Spaces and how I ordered him from people that's like Christmas morning I order them from my neighbors and friends and keeps you on a brand we like. Why did those showed up and it's quite literally ordered from brought him to be sound. Magid is that an activist into the studio today and the new deodorant so good at what app yesterday yesterday Alley and decided did. But abandoned fiscal bond powder for the past couple days of pain and financial yesterday something broke down and I stunk so bad yesterday and how to again. Just from my endurance because that was when I drove my shirts for gap in the crap vitamins I finally got three Larry yesterday. So I did I did against a renewed Hibbert jets and it cannot. How around lunch yeah gets service where they. Make your sweat glands in your arm. Hostess led tends to want to smell trying to come up I don't get I don't think that we are talking about how. Then why so many good shots and my arm seems weird. And a lot of things that's weird. Love the pick and weird and I'm afraid I think there's a whole lot. And the odor it anyway Lotta stench. I didn't do that before wedding because she was sweating so bad if they give you like Botox or whatever is that your armpit and it stops the slight glance Daniel. And visit permanent residents are now run Hillary. The doctor yeah in America. And chicken is different from my good news is that last night. For the first time ever my girlfriend myself and her kids went out to dinner just the four of us jazz number at a horrible time we went to Chile's. Oh it was not it was fun it was so we'll wait until you that was going out to dinner with kids I. Good time I got. How much money as to why do you keep anybody is kind of America for the first five minutes is a whole lot of there is like what tell you myself into a lawyer ideology it's not fun hope I don't ever is I don't know deep you know Graffanino good chili's grill her like that Gordon. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.