What's Your Good News - Christmas In February

Friday, February 23rd

Christmas in July is for festive people who can't wait for Christmas. Christmas in February is for total slackers like Riggs, Alley and Gibbons.


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Makes an Alley rewind. One of three point seven kiss FM three finale that. There's over expenditure was a lot of them said the deal is so important I don't write about drag rigs ninety is that as though you're a married man has trailed. I'm glad that the the Bible as the bad over there thank and I keep saying he's in my life time. Based on an everyday with did news do you wanna go first down I wide can I please go ahead. Everybody ever really good week ended can assure you it's in the back guys I thought I knew before he wanted it really just double game in Atlanta. You know I didn't earlier presidents I just room and a Bed, Bath & Beyond baggy eyes that president Powell like the president that I had male TV never say anything about corrected I don't know what should. What do you say February 23 out shortly after sixty days out from Christmas. Yeah. Here's the two presidents I think that and returning gifts for you will make you bigger I don't want to go to Amazon. Two phone chargers. To get phone charges the us. I'm not sure I got your money. Why don't run into his heart I. Jimmy sixty. It took me six days every once Christmas presents aren't quite today OK if you just now that's a fan of before Christmas even happened card against man and did a thing where you had to do luck. Go online in pre order in like card gives men who saves America and it was it was only like 250000. Across the whole country it is a dead and I signed up Sally and givens and barred from our sports. It reminded me getting better given plenty get it and he said he was get away either way I can tell them I was like he ditched documents check it out like no I didn't check my mail legitimate object. Male actors. All I know it's it's dad's. Dear that is then yes let's face it baseball boring today we use Germany to save America's pastime apparently now what do I rights to a Minor League Baseball even Jolie act. Asks. This isn't what your birds I was dying laughing when I opened them like oh my god reads to me there's one ticket I. Yes that's what they're still like the whatever Juliette rattlesnake. Oh my god baby sit me I guess minor car they get. Like Joliet yards against a man who bought the rights to this baseball stadium and put their name of Davis via Bluetooth and you're out of the ballpark yes. He does it take it down after the game I. He hasn't done you know we disorder or the one bio prendergast the rigs that we now oh now Minor League Baseball team. And I didn't want you to know gallons from Pete Gibbons has it has Kurds against humanity stuff so yeah does that bring it and an opening. Ray I call on hold on gas. Christmas Triggs. The headset itself i.'s most visited not gonna Tumblr I had a big night tomorrow. Don't you guys that they do what it needs to get big ice bubble for whiskey UConn sixty days later. Question I don't yeah. Or is irrelevant yeah with your putting Friday. Yes I got used to get over the holiday fitted into literally in my closets for sixty days Greg. You came over at any given do you have Cullen in the winner of that era several times since Christmas our you know I have well. Now here's your first your don't want. How work gets trashed and basketball which hoops that we can use this ideology I know I know I figured that would give you an outlet we might annoy you and it's a new one with good energy instead of that crappy ones like crappy energy we didn't. I remembered yes I'd love. It nicer issued and how loud and extract the ball less stressful and it lives and I'll tell me what you. Now when your marriage to heavy football this thing's gonna be one I don't eat. Given the play like it's more than you but we should use this chat com Saint Patrick's Day Riggs was shot. And it's shot on and there's a little thing it's all been around dignity you're making bloody Mary and clearly this is like Christmas. Like Christmas we've Rex I said is that the Big Three sixty days later. A lot not only am I here to give your Christmas gift to Brussels that Christmas and as we wrap doll don't put a bow on. I'm also gonna give Elizabeth your wedding gift from two years ago today. I get a kick out of that where there isn't on given gifts section of the yeah yeah. I'm giving a date yeah but that's just yeah I millions say the greatest day ever I really don't what. I don't read literally this is good and sheer smoke vote cheers Stewart ordinary about a lol how. Call these and that you don't want to get turned the yeah. Yeah Ali regular program even got a joke for instance and I told him. The giants having Christmas and happy Chanukah Merry Christmas. Sixty days to get your presence opening since he went and got better late than never yeah. Plans for the summer do we're going to would Chile after a baseball game to watch that we don't know. Got to gel yeah I guess who's ever. Real personality at Briggs it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.