What's Your Good News - Breakfast Bars, Countdown to St. Paddy's Day, and Margaritas

Tuesday, March 13th

Alley gave Riggs a big old box of treats, St. Paddy's Day is 4 days away, and Chili's has discounted Margaritas! WOOOO! Good News? More like GREAT news!!!


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She missed it the first time. And Allie every line. Why it is that I got a box full of cars from Alex. I'm running a whole box and he's telling you. These are different yeah they're told our next borrowers are not on the truck they tell you exactly what's it like to red lights easy. What is it savor every egg whites six omens for cash used to dates no BS yeah that clearly these aren't fit healthy people. Also I want. I got a variety box powerful pop up a bit like any other illegal. Do you eat like healthy crappy food all the time and don't need a break you get used to Michael's. Blake through the labor in Greece they'll they'll gross you out yet rigs had one yesterday and he gave me a little. Little piece of it and initially decent OK but chalking the aftermath of the job yeah shock I don't think you have described it was a chalky substance in the words of my grandma they're good if you like them. I thought I follow flavor is it shock of Cecil Poole that Debra there. He looked out my game brings a whole bunch of Arafat bars which is some kind of but the way every season enough food for six Molly alphabet I haven't read. I he's a good news up top premier givens you valley might good news this. Yeah. The bar very high okay completely and it turns my good news out is we are four days. That's 96 hours that's 5760. Minutes that's 345000. Seconds away from our Saint Patrick's Day broadcast passport club downtown and no more. All excited I'm so excited I just cannot overlook loose. I like get. What club downtown Cyrus did an Irish jig. I want him to go first thing they wanted to take his good news now Betty and everything okay I don't get what you need is it just what's cheap today just when you go. Big deal today you know are going down. Well yeah. Email and. They got buying yeah I don't know there tomorrow if I don't want it more excited about margaritas there's an answer to this weekend and that's offensive margaritas on saint Patrick's. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.