What's Your Good News - Avoided Accident, Parenting Breakthrough and Beef Jerky

Wednesday, July 18th

Gibbons might've broken the law but avoided a major accident, Alley showed her kids who's the boss, and Riggs found a new store full of Beef Jerky. GOOD NEWS!!!!

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Rigs and Alley rewind we have good news to start the day we'd like to start the daily. He's given TS this news tonight good news is that I just figured out that I broke the law this morning an apparent. Because I didn't get pulled over or get a ticket well. I'm driving to work and driving down Jackson street and I see a semi truck that I think is pulled over. So I go around the semi truck that's kind of blocking my way on the the freeway and I on the freeway. And that I discovered there thank you Jackson that was the chemicals that with the chemical fire this guy actually. I believe now that the semi truck which is blocking the insurance that I went around with the workshop they're okay. I know what they are pretty good life. You journal after an accident that even now yup no idea but I made it I didn't get a ticket for. Does your red flag given these clothes that he was like I got a no problem yeah. Just five past the whole system understanding magazine did he rattles Italian business. Yeah negatives that put my foot down on the side yesterday and I made him cry Bernauer but I I didn't bury their. Because I told them it was going to bed at 630 because he was available to him and believe me into ice and and I basically am sick of him not listening all day so oh we got back from the park tonight has taken the mark block that Jimmie Johnson in the dark day you know even. It marks actually we rotated. And do market that admitted that you are 6 o'clock it's only gotten pulled. I. And he said yeah. How it is when and how does it. Cutting. No no no sorry dude yeah. Get upstairs to get back. Hysterical crying freak out finally got upstairs and then there's the keeps going until we just hope good. How are now he's only. It is an illusion they don't the manipulative as how odds. I was like no we're not talking about that's you're gonna treat me with respect. You're gonna let apparently he had had a better early in DeMarre can try to have a better day just remember I always let you even when I yellow shoe. But you're in trouble you're going to bad sing cry. It's right there. Crichton never never stick him against the worst part of every down so they let her answer credit markets or journal I now because I had only a problem deserves to then. And Albert already sending it out when exactly it was going to be that earlier today and over the word for force of being jerks in my goodness that sounded neat place for beef jerky I think. Call raised butcher shop. Simon play. Cherokee and a meat since nine New Haven because if that is new obsession with knees now. Even written word is raised great Tennis Channel some Loomis road right at like a little. Oh Loomis in leased that area I don't see any yankees slipped over there at least a tie. I've never been in there all you gotta go and raise knows when he ray knows what he's doing with his knees man I've heard good things right here she's who has tried it's amazing jerseys and socks and Giroux yeah. Even if necessary to Gallup tell jerky in the next. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.