What's Your Good News - Adulting All Weekend

Monday, April 16th

Gibbons got to work safely and Alley spent her weekend doing so much adulting. Great news? Na. But it's definitely GOOD NEWS!!!


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An Alley relax. In case you missed it the first time I don't know about you but I did not wake up preparedness. Or a memorial now I thought I could write driveway after three rounds yesterday there was so heavy. The IP OK today that I will happen. My poor Manny going to do work is her rights to her car with a right to block. Max you out so I ninety foreclosed right on highway twenty. You guys remember there is a block of ace. You underneath it that's now people like literally you out great. So now. Which debuts on a Monday morning give it my good news is that while I too did not prepare for this much snow down meaning I had to ice skate through my entire complex in my apartment building the my dog out for a walk and I had to fight through snow out violate on the highly although she plays everywhere my good news is I needed into work this morning and nobody got hurt my car is in good shape that it. Caucus okay job. Where he I want and I was like it's now. On. I. It was nice tomorrow night sky now all of I don't know what's your my news is kids. I actually got a block a system this weekend oh yeah it's now. I just cocooned myself in my house says that the trip if I cleaned it cleaned I clean my bedroom is spotless again. I got to put up on wall that have been sitting at the bottom line is that the leg. She don't you moves were a box sits there for like two years Alia I'd just clear in those boxes already evidence and the setting up a I got a lot done this weekend and I actually appreciate this now because of it south separate at three hours by the way when I got dads know I had dispel blow my driveway behind double. Did shovel get to that is that heavy yeah. I never had to take a shower in my life dude don't typically look like I just got out of like a football game and sure. It raged in the middle of summer well listen I just hope you really truly enjoy TV I'm in and day day and a half the house is trying to clean before your kids go. Federal and everybody parity also agree aesthetic Abrams I damaged sector. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 103 setting kiss a Dem dot com.