What Makes You Weird?

Monday, November 20th

We all have certain quirks that we view as unique while others say are weird. Riggs and Gibbons might be the weirdest dudes ever. What makes YOU weird?!


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Mix and Alley re wines. One of three point seven kiss FM three finale tallies up for the week which is given tonight I think Al is kind of I think everybody knows a little bit of a weird character with a thicker typically I think we're all weird and our own right you know I think we all have all those little things that people say. No that really makes me weird is this so 799137. Or can text to screw quick to seven model 37. You like to China and what makes you. Weird somebody's Ottawa's we that I dipped French Fries in the frosty at Wendy's. I would average eight and a wider and I don't know why you would think that we're there like that's weird why would you do that. Not because it's delicious that's why editor that's why people ask why injuring Gracie because it's the delicious depending anywhere. As an idiot does. But as a makes me waved and I'm proud of it. So you wears a badge of honor you we. Just totally insulin make you weird I was told recently by a girl I'm seeing that it's weird that I do sing song east up I speak almost every sentencing so he stuffed the oh hum just she hang in now how you doing today actually that's so weird and alcoholics Nat Turner doing sing some stuff yeah daily and annually all on sorry that was me being murdered my apologies. That we got the people said he did you automatically start doing it more exactly 7991 through 7 hey good morning kiss FM what makes you weird. Add the fact that they love can move. From house to house. You love moving. It does make you lose your act totally weird way is about the move that you enjoy is it to backbreaking labor is that the struggling to get a couch to sit through a doorway or the stressing or where to put everything yeah hours of the living out of boxes for three months afterwards. Which part of moving you love. Yeah I move every like 13 years and Bartlett also like a professional movers silo the going through everything packing everything up and then. When you picture and you played at last I knew I should take it but I don't get crazy act now. He's not crazy that. It makes you weird anywhere as a badge of honor so where's your next move is. I'm well hopefully Q how. Has that I say it wasn't. Apartment in the past but is it is allowing Annapolis and ready. You love from losing will stop when Jonah house does and guess how he can deal Kollek Travis isn't that the thing they what's your name. A leash moving Eelam movement all the time and Amaechi weird that's okay though where it's bentonite thanks a call and they Stephanie in Milwaukee good morning what makes you weird Stephanie. There is he has square burger for example when. Not eat there. Square burgers really. Got around it pretend it never thought what about crystal now. Are we white castle white castle mount. Oh god now now fresh never frozen hundreds of exactly. What it's what is decent if she got a ladies and as of the around the edges. I. Don't think I can do it no such how bad did round out the edges warming and the great. Stephanie only it's out around burgers and Serna just make you Wear anything special Colin Karen in mosquito what makes you weird tyranny of the. X I had a love the smell like and not. Your strength and on the relegate you can guess can't smell like. After being. A home. You deal like it because it's not like marijuana it's at our. Fact is that line out there like other things do you like the smell of gasoline like other pungent smells like that. Now with gasoline as I expected to wrap my yeah I like. Hours like for weight in my. Yet if they're dead skunk like Paula we just sit there look this Waugh did not mean. Let me let me up and other events get and I got it right. And I wrote down a window and a kid like that my. And you're out. Us hey and thanks mom we are delighted and you'll love it stupid. What did it remind them of yield right now narrowed no mile high this reminds me a mom let's go. Karen thanks for Colin and makes YouTube like what a million attacks a 71037. We've got some crazy text I talked to myself in a British accent at work. Let's look at that the IS IG rated I eat mustard and a one on everything's sweet potatoes vegetables you name in mustard and a one yeah okay I'm missing eight total bones in my hands which is weird thing out and less monopolies and other food when that's really really weird. My fiance is weird because he eats applesauce. On his sheets apple sauce on pizza. Try it Australia England. I guess why. Should pineapple on PT can't this apple on pizza you know it. I think you're right nominated we all see it the moral of story we're all weird and Carolina yes its OKQ where does a badge of honor right kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.