What Did You Leave On Your Car Roof?!

Wednesday, September 13th

You guys! A miracle once occured. You won't believe what Riggs drove miles and miles with on his roof. AND it stayed in tact!


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He missed it the first time. An Alley every line do you remember that tag left at meatloaf on topics you aren't there. He drove home away from stroll yes cheesy Neuberger and Andy got to my house and I said Briggs what's. Talk to your car and tell you mile lands homer got great we love. I forgot what I. In my car that only have a meets minutes ago box of discarded these jewels on 43 which is at six miles an hour the whole way. Wait a New Orleans Canada misty look at seven which are enjoying yeah exactly should stay out of the heavy Mila said no this is an easy probably got a bit more land. Went all the way now Orlando it took me about Israel and then I got a message from listener. Arianna message me and said. Bob I left my brand new phone on time. It's. Too long. She can also Texas 71037. Or call her ice Koran is going your 799137. Career and what Julie wanna risk your car and Europe or. Keys to a forklift. Now why was this important was the foreclosed on precarious place three couldn't move it. Out well on my company doesn't just let the states every year. And they're very invalid and you leader Eric Martin Bartlett. And but. Do remember they gone totally or did they stamina for some reason. No they are on site else like they're laying. Street right in front immaculate operator. She did sign them now. Yes good talk gadgets and funny seven trouble here did you see how she said she did fine and I don't have a Kagan good morning kiss FM what did you leave on the roof of your car than you drove awful was there. Oh I think everything highly it costs a copy will be pointing at all what my whole quit silk are being. I ask you help well. I I don't know what Ballmer like oh no like art still. Really old. Carrying in your hands that you have to put things on the roof of your car how are you having so many things in your hands. You're not. I that I forgot about the hi my except on the hoods and roofs let's I'll take up out of the car set another roof to get there for now it's up on the roof or vice Versa asks him and then later there it is its mom its mom during did you receive a jackass imminent but the champ car season statistics are. On yeah I was. Just totally wrong but that was hilarious in the. I keep comic art there's I went right relaxed like he. In fact make our by the electric. Are added CNN. I've done that damn. I art that I thought I. Carla at the Eller. Now as the worst. They Chicago this morning trichet Lester showed Barbara and Whitewater Barbara what are you leave and Ruth your card. Black cleared my mother and mind she left her key historic key card to push. Teens morale. He's a popular one. Are you know and then her fault select both of them or flash on her car. And he. Thought she was looking for them all that we're extra and tiger tees aren't. Those are set to of the holy trinity Keisel. My car once they got to have one of those little roof racks and have my cars on on Wednesday narrow down there yeah I got a ocean and I was like I'll think I still out there I think Josh yeah. He has had to he'd Gerald. And then you click OK well out of termite art cart. Your car part yeah I can't yeah. Yeah. You're right. Here are the roof I think that's the whole time yes but the whole time you checked your pocket forty times didn't you know. I don't your pocket you can't check now I can let his star thing listen I've collection her. A district station on our parents are usually got the snow I don't electric start and I am always like getting in the car and tried to start it's easy to keys in the air yes. I don't do it again. My kid. Top dual double checks the other car before and so why should we saw Bennett but to be careful. Knees of 100 point seven kiss FM rigs and values Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.