What Are You Re-Gifting

Wednesday, December 14th

Not all Christmas gifts are wanted....and some you choose to re-gift. What are you re-gifting this year?


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And now they re why are you planning on re gifting anything this year or have you done this course you get here and you think wow. Hingis Indiana pretend like into the first in the daily tee and I'm certain gifts. Automatically re gifts like somehow the they can't. Yes but yeah. Loved candles and turn she's horrified our interns or Friday said that yeah let candles but it's a total re gift it is totally against you give me candle let things get re gets an apparently united every gift probably in my grandma or something. Or I got a ending tin of cookies like a five pound tin of cookies. And I'm wondering if my mom. Given we've ever find out like yeah we didn't sound that was yeah. Said he loved does. That's those Dutch sugar cookies that match and attentive ridiculous in the more enemy is my mom's so given that I got about five pound it bring you out there. Now how probably shared my compliment every gifted as he did a lot of big Santa figuring when year which is very clearly. Mary blatantly like a last minute gift like somebody's locked into long greens and set all races like this figurines and decline it's. I'll get it for him in every get to the crap out of that. I'm actually re gifting something this year than previous years ago when my spirit gifts yeah when I lived in Seattle sterling 900 Starbucks and no Dunkin' Donuts just like a family friend my local Mike who sends me a Starbucks gift card every year for Christmas sounds like got his gift card just last night. And I got and I said I can't wait to give us a somebody else is I'm not doing Starbucks anymore dead. Duncan country to get. So the question is up 4147991. Up 37 what have you re gifted or are you planning to re gift. We would like to know so we can call Eilat on the radio mountain it is an interesting discussion this everybody really gets it saves you money from. It saves you time him and mutilating your person just a couple of minutes against this thoughtful gift to my ain't. Cousin gave me three Christmas is ago. And you attach a name on it then we head we do a white elephant exchange in our family. Always not on Christmas because why would you celebrate Christmas on Christmas staff kind of addressed another topic for another day. But it's a wide open exchange and every year in the same what else and gift would come back and it was this do you think coffee mug that had a penis and what's yes it's on us. Talk about the male genitals on him and every year we get re gifted every year to come back to the white elephant exchange so became the joke who was gonna get the Weiner month. I think that the that they did. Josh can get the winner Mike Scioscia. I forget it Graham Graham and and when he got a one year. I don't know what area are that's still an ugly mug and an act or ceramic Christmas just to get that we know month Stanley Knowles the little jealous that I didn't they didn't. Spending at the end of the day everybody wants a win among did you turn into what he ringgit two rigs really wants a Wiener matters really you can't think so. Reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.