Were You Screwed By Daylight Saving Time?

Monday, November 6th

Did you set the clock forward instead of back? Forget to change it all? How did you get screwed by Daylight Saving Time?


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Mix and Alley re wines. We screwed by the time change over the weekend. You fell back on Saturday night slash Sunday morning divas are you in 9440 huge way to change clocks the deals as any of you phone changes automatically honestly. But every and a couple clocks in the house he got to change. I do with and for the morning. I don't the morning of when I wake up in a panic in my thrown says one time the clock is another time and outside it's dark when is light yesterday and I had no idea what's donuts it's after Lisa laughter yeah I like to do it the night before because I feel like I'm cheating time is it. Like Saturday night like 10 o'clock we were in a bar with a couple friends and it was likely if it's 10 o'clock Neil Lehman is not 10 o'clock it's 9 o'clock. Tenet is 9 o'clock so we drank like he was nine I think that I thought I'd do it the night before. But I I was really screwed by the time change something if anybody was so you to stay an extra hour late at the bar that we were on telly 1 of the morning are 2 of the morning and think to the next minute flips back at 2 o'clock it was like the bars closing. And I know it's not only. Back to 1 o'clock and it's at Apple's dale put an extra hour lineup for the six people that were there at the moment is up a time is money right ash is dream if you're screwed by the time change we like to hear what happened to you over the weekend 7991037. It's of the happened yield. I work third shift at a nursing home lane. So it not only that I have to work an extra hour. Thought all my residents are Carney acting what I know I think you have to get out a little and our values leave another hour breaking out. Hate an extra hour I've always wondered that about. The idea I like it are I'm getting paid and I NetApp. Good no median paid. Thanks for Colin. Morgan I don't think it's so the people she works with the were scuba detention system for the world people return visit. Haven't gotten an early morning or good morning EG history about attention to what happened. Look a little bit because I waited for the morning have heard about iPod that is Monday morning and Sunday night I was really tired I think he was my sixteen year old items had. You know it's really not nice thirtieth really had thirty Indian parity in my. Michigan I now. I. Prior to Clinton and forget does not seriously the little man it's just a little bit yeah. Thank the circle on Angela they don't have there is and I'll create strategy is to let the time change what happened. Oh I don't know what it is but it hit that decided that. Daylight saving is you wake up at 4:30 in the morning. People who watch. You have my daughter back at that partner in the morning and Sunday you're going to be awake and I mean idol pay. How did your daughter. Now okay your kids have no concept of time super you don't know how children. I can't IQ at that the gators who aren't I she. Had they had maybe thirty it was a great time to wake us. I thought an answer. One of the reasons I'm glad I'm not a parent he's all right if you think that the that the station Collins. Aren't we a gestured to limit by the time change still weird. Portrait what seventy cents rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.