Weird Food Habits

Thursday, November 2nd

Alley's son Hudson has some bizarre eating habits, so does Riggs' wife - so we asked the question, what are YOUR bizarre eating habits? 


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LE percent from a deal to end her son has the most bizarre eating cheese is my four year old sold here. I ate them hot dogs yes potatoes delicious delicious RT yes and oranges I think that's pretty awesome if I was four or just for dessert nice doubted outrageous level or male fruit Taliban retreated to refer gonna get a different from playing with that. Anyway. Since free how. I don't want magic eight it's a what did I do I grabbed a bigs to Damascus at the world got its flight an iPad or dirty and mashed potatoes and anyway. She that cold aren't mashed potato there I'd take that garnered. You put ketchup go wrong spot and like really. Really OCD match with food and and he came back and rolled on. The ideal thing people think Catholic who has a look at court. Except the mashed potatoes that's the best combo ever you don't introduce Hudson to those KFC ball. He's in those things which is the chicken in the match at a corner and all together I. I don't agree doughboy yesterday from judo but I don't think you want something as likely I was like here on crack Katrina was together. Do you like it doesn't know there's too much stuff mixed together so. My inventory that was so touching each hour speech that what it. It's just I have liked her so we're glad I've as weird as I what Al prepare a Turkey sandwich after she'd eaten an apple and cheese and I won't eat them because they just had fruits and it's true just need to don't digest welding I don't like fruit meat together but I don't think it's that they don't digest well Elena housing as analysts amassed an accounting that. We are things like some kind of a weird heating happened. But I know other people that we mix weird food combinations and candles somebody that he speaking of butter in pickle sandwiches the app which is just Alistair. From staying. You guys Texas 7137 and giving weird food habits digital weird to have yes please we tell the people that have to eat at like one thing first like to have to eat every shortly they cannot eat together. When I was little my mom would let me eat my French Fries at McDonald's until late the burger first I was ready to burger first. When I was little and to this day. And I wouldn't do it I would he met burger personally my Fries or I didn't realize why I was doing it. So I thought of my mom she was like no ice to make peace amateurish and heavier for. Suck Whitney's elected act. Maybe that's why some people are like now I make it meets certain things first I have now I forced myself to eat the French first and like I. Pat is a freak my dad will get really hot food let's say it arrives at our house that he will put it applicable cook food and he'll put it in the microwave after its cup format more. What he's a freak I might and it's steaming hot. People only makes stuff what do you make warm up what those steaming bag of vegetables yeah NB microwaves. People that opened the bag pour out the steaming vegetables on display and then he got the whole plate again the iron and I quit again the whole play he's gotta gotta be steaming hot it's bizarre piece of bizarre eating habits. People are we are back to have a bizarre yeah. I don't care right we don't judge seven that's like a 37 Horry in Texas 71037. Do you have a weird bizarre. Eating habits like to know about it as big an odd should count doesn't we. Haven't said it's got to snatch up from a growth that Imus CNA and Havoc client that puts peanut butter on cheddar cheese and this is the Jeb weird foudy geared weird food habits. 79910378. In Texas 71037. It got text yeah. He doesn't hot dogs do not go Alli well I still would never eaten together I. I'm sorry I give my kids mashed potatoes and I doubt about the Titus is like French Fries yeah potato to potato man in the red potatoes is today announced hey good morning Roberta what is your weird food habit. Ignored it actually I thought it and I even to carry out. And. You guys write Ben Franklin elementary. Cool to stop GPs. Are. Still. Don't ever I was gonna setting up a mess with your work any like I had just not it was weird to have a. That he liked. He loved it but each and it died. Silly it's. Great grace she. Lot of fun. Target our documents like hey bear. You love ranch dressing on grapes. Your weird and now our sons probably got some party were they at a fruit no vegetables trading dipped they'd probably aren't. Let me ask is that good is ranch dressing and grapes get a does that wanna try kind of this. Is. What is your name's Sarah by the way. Manic add night. Thought it did Franklin manic street you have a great day it's like a star as fracture ranch dressings. The existence of any accident that I loved to eat watermelon and salt so that was Brett I've done the fourth that somebody else said. Consult on everything from weird Mac and cheese with barbecue sauces delicious their weirdness find something else that divided plates are my best friend. Credibility divided cultures with divided plays its violent crime that.