Wednesday, June 24, 2020 - Riggs & Alley Rewind

Wednesday, June 24th

Wednesday!  Halfway through the week.  You got this!  Today we found out about Miley Cyrus being 6 months sober, we hooked up a free Amazon Echo Dot with "Name the Nintendo Tunes", Baseball is BACK..we think...we hope...Kodak Black is mad at Wal-Mart online, we opened up the phone lines for some serious conversations about the Fall return to school and what that may look like, Riggs doesn't understand Milwaukee's obsession with Hot  Ham & Rolls, Costco stops selling one of their most popular items, Bubba Wallace NASCAR Noose situation update, Alley had a parnting breakdown when her oldest ruined his Nintendo Switch, Venus and Serena Williams' Dad is in the news, and Riggs is squeamish around needles - but is donating blood for the first time.  Enjoy the show without music or commercials!!