Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - Riggs & Alley (DJ Gee-A) Rewind

Wednesday, July 22nd

WEDNESDAY!!  Alley is out all week, and in her absence - from our night show - DJ Gee-A!  This morning we got another update about Dave Chappelle flyng to check on Kanye West's mental health, It's NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY - so naturally we argued about the better condiment - Ketchup vs. Mustard, Shaq to the rescue, J-Lo got in trouble on the beach with her dune buggy, Things you learned as an adult that BLEW YOUR MIND, the Wisconsin State Fair DRIVE THRU is coming, Joe Exotic back in the news, words that you struggle with, Kanye claims he's trying to divorce Kim, and how are you making your dollar stretch - money saving tips!  Enjoy it all without music or commercials.