Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - Riggs & Alley (Gee-A) Rewind

Wednesday, August 5th

We're halfway through the week - WEDNESDAY!! Alley is out on vacation this week - so Gee-A from our night show filling in all week!  Today we discussed Kanye West and Kim reconciling on an island, Did Riggs overreact to this celeb encounter on twitter, also an update on Kanye getting on the November ballot, celebs coming to Ellen's defense, Who rides shotgun - mom or the girlfriend?, they found out who hacked the twitter accounts of BIll Bates / Obama and more, Dr. Dre's billion dollar divorce, what are YOU known for, the drive thru state fair is back, and how do you pay for things these days?  Its all here - without music or commercials.