Wedding Moments Gone Wrong

Monday, November 20th

Your wedding day is a day you'll never forget, especially when something goes wrong. What's the biggest Wedding Moment Gone Wrong that you've witnessed!?


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This is a week's finale re wine country point seven kiss FM brings an Alley and given is that a wedding this past weekend was an August wholesale us yes he run. Are there any mishaps at this wedding she's not that many were innocent. Actually as far as the wedding ceremony everything went pretty Smith it was pretty soon yeah nothing but hot. A season ending is affords some hum it bangers do Diane I was at a wedding one time. And that coupled hated cake today. Today had a bunch of pies instead of having a wedding cake they had pyrite cocaine and symptoms seem I'm right you're so when it comes time to cut the cake they didn't cut the cake they each picked up a pie and pie faced the other right okay. The wife didn't it was all funding games the husband picked it up and didn't I guess I'd never piety somebody before and shoves the pie in the white stays. Breaking her nose on my China still rings there was. There was blood everywhere it was disastrous. Kind of a tie was a little regular cream pie okay just whip cream cream I'm angry about break in the face. She comes up just crying it was awful study asked the evening in the ER you literally stop the wedding in its tracks the music stopped Slater is a familiar look. Exactly oh my god it's no hard rises broken yeah. Maybe it was that or maybe as the best man speech gone wrong or something like dampened what did you see in a way in the kind of ruined the moment. 7991037. Or can this opposite text 71037. He had a facade best man's speech he'll arrive what happened out. Well and I can't see exactly who really like annihilated. And then the U blocks power play median hourly earned my electric my heartburn yeah you locked gotten an hourly your. But hey get a good street entry at all and I'm. And I try to catch him and he might happen or. Half off ticket summit on the news subscription. And only have one that I have to top I have to talk that it is. Why didn't get to try out my confront her family and Irwin. A nice and which I am. Jenny thanks for Colin. I that's right which speech free planning on giving givens replay and giving the heartfelt one of the when this can indeed kicked out of assembly many inside look at a column and literally column B look at each of communal Somalia as well yeah but things. Haven't seen anything to that extent has really happened that at a wedding ideas and people getting incredibly drunk they have to be carried out pop up. But I think it happens really and anyway that's honestly that happened at momma geez when when she got engaged my former stepfather cheated joined she got so drew should be carried out of her own way out of her own story chassis that would that would be surprisingly good morning Julie puts a bad crap these are having a winning what was the disaster. So the battle man. Down. The best again means never made upon the makes a NASA for cells it was the best Mandela had. And oh yeah all the made about a dozen same thing ain't got basically playing off of about band aid in continuing it. How about man that Natalee dated the ride at one time the but also dated. The maid of honor us led the bride's sister. A loss. And alluded you how he basically. Would giving the current sloppy seconds. Us and learn how to get out of Bruno what I was saying. Just a little bit yes coupled as the couple at the wedding and I still together by the way. I have no idea that the folks thought so again we don't know maybe. Paintings for Colin Juli she was in the Telecom Cheryl Lamar content morning share with the disaster you wouldn't really did when I went. Can beat everybody and everybody. Okay. Brothers first letting mind you he's been married three times since. Our first wedding I was fifteen and ending up in the wedding. And it started to lift the crime in between. The wedding and the dinner where we ended up perjuring look back at their time no tanks and one of the pride made. This decided it was a good time to showcase the best way to perform a actual act that was. Deemed not appropriate for fifteen year old tank. She turned out to be his second point. Our whole Jewish it's just. But then at the rehearsal at that's actually better. It's a better for the wedding he doesn't bride and mother who was trying to not string tension was with severe alcoholic. Went and sued each team had a fear on the floor and her wooden leg and tell lots. Wouldn't let selloffs couple up up up jugular and got a sorry. It's given a couple of the deals are typical markets yet. He has angered the tenor yeah my dad nearly jacks my brother because my brother. Unknowingly. And unfortunately decided to hand my dad is an open bar bell telling him he was going to do yourself. Oriental overall on some money here John this is all one big wedding fiasco. That is wonderful wedding. Why would this is this should be a movie I mean you should is. Totally that a hollow eyes. I like it could be a Maurice. Didn't we do what went on and its functions. That how can I shouldn't that and in fact your share did you next letting me the fun in dysfunction that's funny Cheryl thanks for call this morning. To make it a little bit normal good lord no need to send them wedding disaster. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.