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Wednesday, August 30th

Get all the details for Wagfest!


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And a man who met. Hello good morning well could have earned. Eight Q yeah. Anybody in the good value for about what a three point seven to September eggs now and I'm really excited. That I just talked you to they have their because. This is not only an event to close to my heart hurts. But I do to be out there he to have fine and I know much fun it is we're talking about wax fast and here south of wait wait wait based L humane society. What's on my act fast cracked cracked this is your ten year yes seriously it's bigger and better. It's because I think he's just a few years it was when I started going and I was like on every eerie conceit of bigger and more off sound. They had essentially it's a possible for the dogs right 61 click the gist of wax absolutely so definitely possible for the dogs but they do. It didn't seem did you do. Not have to have a dog that's for trachsel talked a little bit about that to affect but for the dot six is a date to celebrate your dons the parents. With your arms and for those that don't have a dog you can enjoy all of the of that site. Seeing you want to yeah of dogs dogs of all sizes right so for things do for docs. I will try to remember everything for the panel lock up. So we have our agility into its agility demonstration area thing positives do for us they donate everything Mac I think they're acting on one. So if you are wondering what it's like to do agility with your guy yeah that's a perfect time to time. A lot of people have never seen that done not even people with pat have ever seen it's interesting to see the agility staff is in is we RO will have three other courses I'll ask. A lot of people know what Laurie is now beaten offered a lot of fossils in the area but if you have not seen lower. If you will people aren't hearing hound on tight race but we are not racing. Which of course sun apps for your doctor right around and say something great deal. Either love it orderly queue would be making media heroic accident how often. I am we have lines of people that we fanatical announcer definitely come with a piece. On my best friend has a chocolate lab harper harper. The lower course how she loves it she's a hunting Dodd and that's staff says she allows that I've seen it's amazing and our mind every media tear it security is so nervous about their dog Nat being can be hate you to that day in his and then this is it for your doc to be sitting by your side and now marking week this is a day for that I needed excitement they see them they're gonna get excited when they see you there dots that's all he had were on the dot. How like what I mean it's from me as a dog owner feels like what a safe place to take your dog act fast I mean it's like to eat out and it's like a festival for the dome here and how. And that underlines its gigantic tent we get ton of other dot activities going so we'll have. Wait we did Hitler was a a lot O Mitchell park national park again Brookfield in Brookfield which I love to because there is a dog park connect it wouldn't if people don't know that so not only can you go to whack fast and do all that awesome -- a faster than the dog parks return to playgrounds yeah your kids which is important yet but it ramps are had a had excellent and so we'll have our we're bringing back the dog pie eating contest that was last year were all aren't as popular my gosh would you like time that's not how we feel if you don't think we hold on every hour on the hour. Home of a line and I can't stand to watch as the lead and I'm not running areas to forgive me last year and believe you could. Up to six dogs could compete every hour. I lol yeah it's pretty locked at a high eating contest at wag dark that's hysterical it's perfect and you know what else I didn't even mention Rick and I Ernie got their bar tending to me because we're gonna be celebrity bartenders for whacked fast so rigs I picked up the one to 3 PM shift. So if you wanna come out because there is. Alcohol how allow look there is alcohol ma am certainly it's a duty free agents in Maine and adapt as well at I am so we do you have alcohol and not ultimately members out. Tons of food. On September. 9 nine through. Coming up Jack Saturday right. Ends September 9 whack fast Mitchell Parker we're talking about eleven to five which is a good. Could little chunk of time and the nice thing is no admission fee. To. Us new paper and board and darts out of yeah or lash your you know I was bar tending last year as well at whacked fastener remember seeing all the different booths to. So what kind of like booths is to be some ideas of stuff that you guys have that lack pressure we are just under seventy vendors. Over and today it's pretty deal over yet. And it's varieties do you have. That clinics have dot take orders yeah have. Stories you Don bakeries. Pet food yeah audience. But then on the flip for yemen's we have things like for humans I'd love owner talk about whack at it for the man I love it. I'm we have a Tupperware and here we have plenty pass. Insurance companies and let me think here we sentiment that's OK now I get a he's a lot of stuff lot of stuff he's got a lot of south south so this is awesome so we're talking about access to just going on September 9 that very soon enough. Saturday it's going to be eleven to I usually is the time and it's free it's for coming out to Mitchell market Brookfield bring your dog and to do people bring up their pants first it just for dogs and that's what act fast if I know. This is dad you know by the album Cuban society which we love me and you guys have a concept it's obviously it's not just dogs in the album can mean society which should that is a no kill shelter yes yes yes yes you're welcome. So just but just dogs for lack fast we actually every year there's a few caps how. And out just fine out our yeah please please Lee yeah. Nature if you're going even consider that that you feel a year cat would too well. In theory Big Easy. Hundreds of dots for. I embrace it takes severely special cat and the cat lover clearly I do not bring Mike activist because my cat would heat and being heat and being there yap. So you know very few but we do a couple of cadets to our call I love that. Well you know regs are going to be out there bar tending to act fast on September 9 Mitchell park of Brookfield it's free bring your dogs it's so much time so much stuff to do. And I'm excited I even having whacks a sign in my yard I thought he'd be very proud Heather yes. I you know this of anchor it's bigger better re your cousin whose apartment yeah because people come out enjoyed the day the trite things to give misty back. This is put comforter for union knock them and we wanna make it the past experience past yeah. One and a dog lover you know I've kids but I love my little dial I have a black lab. And you always there was looking for things to do with our dock just you know it's like you have the trails you have a couple dog parks. Fun stuff like this like whack confessed words like I can take my dog out for the day like I love that that's such a cool things out it's really cool he is today and that. You guys raise money at access and then it goes back to him. All of the funds raised at this benefit Albert you need to find a single dollar that Israelis who goes right back and were able to keep a lot of our crosstown despise them burn from the community you know. Vendors that are there we mention their vendor and in their parent paying defeated Peter says there supporting us to solve. So do you consider supporting cop actually paying it kind of has a full circle in the community a half to help each other. That's true that's true let's get to those people. Are coming out helping yourself or talk wag fast which is going on September 9. At Mitchell park and Brookfield and here with Heather from the Helm but humane society. Kimberly Richard tenth year. Doing wag fast it's pretty insane so do you have a favorite thing about whack us like what's your favorite thing. Us you know my favorite thing in. It's just seeing all the planning efforts come together down and watching people. If it had its deal with any pets yet from these stuff in Houston. We have enough yeah we have been contacted to see you leave out okay. And more considering how weak and gas act. In this case is tired. Her thoughts on is how my gosh for falsely that people buy gas hats and went. Really quickly that we have talked about wanting. Or seen it is that there has been some great attention put on leaving behind right. So happy that. If you will we have learned from mistakes of the past bright student with other staff to act as is Kerry spot that's up. Very nice talking to Heather from the album to be deciding about what access. What did you assume it's held on about access like Al what's going not that bad so our pitchers so in addition to some things it's yet we don't have a Booth said that stuff for dogs to do nude dude beverage food alcohol obviously pretty bartender with rigs which. We have a live band director and stand. No it's not just a couple of years just agree I agree Hank Aaron or. He has a following a Mazzone yeah that's it. In rental units it is your job and enjoy some great music for him to that's awesome again. Hi I'm teams and contrasting and romance between apps on pie eating contest. You have were introducing doggie limbo this year why we were able to erase how low my new dog can do doggie limbo and get out of here I can see that's going to be our first NC. I thought I don't sell all clock your dock on how fast they can run out while I guess turner home axis earners and log in a prize at the end GAAP. Come costs it was coming back that's for your dog can paint. Photo for you wanna canvas. Really they win we were you. And I time to come paint a picture on the campus that aren't fast just some pretty NAND. My men. I'll hire of infamous photo Booth so you kind of sort of your dog's name or you and your dog from you were there to do that for him. Our merchandise for apple over sixty baskets items that school and T get my buy tickets and put a ticket Manning get whatever price you want to join that tries to. We also have a wheel barrel of booze in line. That's a raffle are I think that's my raffle American council and college peer file those keep I don't act as a popular may be Ambac and Allen to. Contact or about whacked fast I mirrored Heather from the Albert humane society this is the tenth annual black pastor cannot leave that's. The Mitchell park in Brookfield going on September 19 from eleven to five to even give a website and most people just Google now. But go ahead and give website for accessing your people to go to so they can get info yes yes yes it's EBH us not lower than just go to the events to happen ultimately a straight answer EB agents which is Al Brooke humane society that's easy to remember. Very nice so whacked fast absolutely furry. I'll I'm a celebrity burgeoning shattering my darker is that going to be a much for me. Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh that's. Are you kidding I know I can't alum I'm part of cigarettes a day I would like it had bad I would have had every one and it's nice because this dog lovers they just have a bond you know it may mean make begin each other and it's so nice when you can do stuff like that with the. Events for dogs a year and have other dog owners and. Everybody just feels. Safe and comfortable verses being added that with your dog Burton you're in its gadgets for docs correct you don't need to fantasize about black dresses you just feel comfortable because you know your dog's meant to be exact you know and I mean exactly and hey a few housekeeping girls okay. Theory is simple but we want people in our try to get the word Pearson. Street with us and all day. So we're force for your organization and just means no chokes or. Sarah not easily won't. I'll ask and then do what they sow what you do you see some of the choker prong collar but doesn't know. He someday and it educate them a little. And we we yeah we get that there's lots of options out there. And I am but we want you to. Go all the options absolutely no role similar things we see as a result of some. I can I ask why the results. As some someone's listening and they're using callers can honestly like to I'm curious some. Breeds handled them much better carry some breeds you will see aggression in result I didn't workers and our dog trainer at the shelter deals without a pretty normal bases and increase. So old so using those to actually macedon about that vs helping you figure typing at Cannes doc a no matter. But it rains but certainly since January. And the other thing and using a talent there so many people and salaried jobs at this man we get asked that you leave your retractable pop art Leach is that both Smart as we've had people trip and follow. So it's not that we. Keep the retractable leash quite frankly I mean I have a black lab she's eight as about a 1007 she has turned eight. Man she pulls me I don't wanna be I don't wanna retractable look like that hardly shoot par and now it's foul. Anyway they're not a bad thing not shocked. At this of bright again JR easily moved away from happening is because we've had people hurt look at the dog acts around legs again I've seen it you know if you forget we do you have public at least at least exchange for limiting distribute do it'll give you least temporarily used. IMac and everything old each. I exchange programs if you bring a long leash that he doesn't give them correctly states and then you can trade pact when you leave. All he impressed by Elvis if you guys think of or your attorney about what act fast which is going on September 9. At Mitchell park is Brookfield tenth annual wag fast. And is just sing about that your pet could be that king or queen of yes okay Heather filming and because of Dallas gonna run for queen if she's eligible super simple hi how are. Simple so I'm competing for next easily pass to T. Norman won last year and look at Normandy so Q spewed all. Day how to do it is right on the league's best page or website. What is the use of emperor as a fundraiser grant the animal because death rate now we have dogs cats and we actually have them. Robert oh my gosh and I don't competing for king and queen we do is only one it's king or queen and one dog wins and classical race team clean. You could also if you have like three dogs and harm can enter and make sense that we're. Flexible may have makes sense so. Ian I'm raising the most fun ones at the end of the day and time. Thursday September Simon yet o'clock okay will win that title. You'll hashing and well if your hat was that king of whack excessive McQueen I mean I would brag about every year. It's like people go to the prom queen. Aren't that my dog is the app prom queen of art festival yeah often aren't. Back to school you know the hazard to a map and take it to be everywhere he can brag about your dog. For the next year yep and global cereal next year's leader your dogs are everywhere for herself she is and we'll be. That we're talking about the tenth annual whacked fast it's going on Mitchell park in Brookfield on September 9 which is a Saturday 11 AM. At 5 PM rigs I gonna be out there us liberty burgeoning from one to three but they're gonna have bureau pace don't you don't be shy you get out there and you enjoy yourself and I'd like to say that south. Albert humane society who puts on wax fast. Is Waukesha county's only know kill humane society so that's that's addicting a lot of people don't realize that's not elm Brooke but after. I'll market would appreciate that I think. You guys are just have dogs down Brooke you have all kinds of pets in their preferred option right at the dogs cats small animals he's got to get anybody come and it's just look at intrepid the number to me society a ton of times. You'd actually coming in the annie's and one were hoping for viewing one to six Monday through Friday and while defiant on Saturdays and Sundays do you need more volunteers are needing volunteers that wax faster what's going on and we're still looking for a few volunteers right. Well if you're looking to Hulk with an advance on a long term commitment is greets a that is good gas or long term commitment we'd love to have you stand for its dogs cats small animals help us out of the community in amounts it's hard for me to come to the documents side because I wanna take everything home now and how you worked there'd be so hard head guy at. You you you you know all VA now. LaSalle focused on things linked Fiat got a flat. That's I doubt that's right yeah I bet you don't think I better go crazier right. It costs them so it is the tenth annual whack fast others think you for being here I'm really excited to be out of whack fast I can't wait September 9 again. 11 AM to 5 PM Ed Mitchell park and Brookfield. Which are set has adopt her connected to end a playground which is awesome to lash your Atlantic as I walked up to Mitchell park when I was bar tending from access and. I see the balk. And I see all the booths and I see all the food and that is like so much to you and your dogs comfortable and it's a big field goal the Al and an all we did until Kubel clean up after your plea if that's an obvious though please I don't know what dads actually were elated to keep coming back there because I guess are so great about keeping a read only he. Had their reasons are pleased to head. Awesome while they couldn't have their from the Albert humane society Waukesha county's only know kill humane society like to throw that out there. And the website ED HS dot or if you want info on what act fast or if you want to info on. Adopting a pet or even just volunteering and helping them out. Go check that out and apps I guess we'll see you on September 9 Saturday which is very soon re sadly out there Burt hitting from. One to three organ which arteries that's money for the pats Q presenting yet he thinks there coming out of co feathers out what access tenth annual CO Mitchell park. 11 am to 5 PM Saturday September 9 if you don't have that memorized by now I don't know what else to tell you how and don't forget. They're having the king or queen so your pet could be the king or queen of whack crest and that's like bragging rights for have. I mean seriously you could tell everyone my dogs and keying in 2017. So he acts are the things out there and now we'll see everyone and whacked out there right.