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Monday, May 8th

The Voices Against Violence Coalition joined Riggs in the studio and played their anthem "Stop The Violence".


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Welcome to Sunday morning Minas regs from raisin Alley in the morning on one of three point seven kiss FM this morning we're talking with Tracy dents and the voices against violence coalition I first met Trace the last year in August just a few days after the shooting of civil Smith's stomach Sherman park. Tracy had a vision to stop the violence and put together a song using the walkie artists to send a message an end to violence in Milwaukee we will world premiere that song for you this morning good morning Tracy dent how Oreo. Good morning in the U resident retired to you live band a busy dude Maria or who she who Amanda mayor Al wears many hats. And this is your project he started when did you actually start this whole world. Last year are back in August. House you know batter in the current events on south side. And when I heard every every need and Iran start to sing and she is playing her guitar. And it just you know things just started triggering triggered in my head up and I was like I. Ono to get her and do this stuff to violent song always wanted to do since holes since I was a teenager. So as like in between. Are we are the world and our self destruction what do rappers back in the day they do it's talked about and saw a mixture of the 28. Pieces started following the place I ran into. On Doc Holliday and me and him was discussed and a couple times and you know and then we just knew that that time was right to start doing a song. This is though fully produce on this thing is fantastic by the way I've been listening to it from beginning today and from getting the artist together it's a writing it and everything. And to get Doc Holliday. Who's coming as well this morning we're gonna play the whole song in its entirety here a minute but Doc Holliday this you were with which come down. The B traders the beach creators this that quite a trek history in Milwaukee. Doc holiday and it's a pretty much of its more the artist. Doc Holliday so in that link up let's Tracy obviously via and then US assembled this armada of artists. Local Milwaukee people well how does she know the right people to get. Actually I didn't Tracy actually did this the only never to have their own story and as has everybody has anybody even affected by violence. Well I mean yes yes it was great that everybody leg yes immediately hit the great thing about this is that each artist broke their own verse. Yes and that's what you know that brings the power. In connection to this song is conveyed this of their I'll take on the violence and in our city I'm. And let us say we have some great talent in Milwaukee and this is the song has proved that. The comic talent that we have in Milwaukee. Let's check it out this is voices against violence and the voices against violence coalition and right after you hear the songs were gonna talk to the artists who actually wrote the lyrics for this on. And get their story behind it this is Sunday morning. At. Breaking news and then he shot at a loss to gun violence on us. Streets in the monsoon investigators say. The child victim was not intended to Harden rendered Cubans were shooting at each other when the bullets into one home child. Victims shield and other mean. Finally land next. Mean we rely on machine hundreds and stop the violence is your chance. Don't warn children newborn children. Nine year. Pain. Yeah they didn't Muster. Well. In the country and it might be because and I think it that would sound. Trying to make a party to a homeless yeah it is clear to me. A place and we constantly. Understand this about me. Yeah and. She and me and yet. She hasn't. We. There's nobody nobody is saying yeah. Facing these things I say we I mean time it's nobody's timing comes up. The schools and I think. A senior yeah. My job. And Michael bass and it's strange little sarcastic his ankle pitches on the same time passing game. And go home. Pena. Kansas. Yeah. Name. The normal time. Byron sickening. Prime cause of sudden. Old yeah. Industry yeah and they. In my so yeah. Seeing some of Pakistan and then less than pain in the. The wind. It's going to. I'm behind this. Games in Maine again. That you trust that's what we hear the gotta buy the book. Love them at his. I love racing maybe it's because we've got to come. So bad enough now. Thank you. Yeah show you who's best. Including. A key cities. Yeah yeah. It it was all. Yeah. 100% Milwaukee ground voices against violence and almost every artist that you heard that song we've gotten a studio this morning. Let's get their story behind. The lyrics were so let's go through everybody was involved in the song really critical serviceable so Michelle McCormick poker room because I'm first time from CBS that GS you the first voice the entire play a reporter on the. Track can guess how did that I saw the FaceBook post I've reported on Tracy off and as coalition against violence and I I try and find a way to inject myself and the community at times not just in tragedy but it times of great prostitute and a and so when I saw the FaceBook post and he was looking for contributions sec dot all this is far easier for me to go in the studio may be laid down a report. As opposed to trying to get the rights from the TV station to use an actual broadcast. And so I thought that would be the way to do it because I wanna get to reflect. Not just. The negative reporting that goes on in the city but also the resolution report in which I think local median Milwaukee. Does sometimes without enough credit. About showing efforts to street sees him voices against always great so it's kind of work becomes life life his work and I might sound a very difficult. Particularly in the issues of violence insulting to separate my job from going camps in your singing well on track as well so now that was just staying in the studio at that doc top talked me into you and again it's beautiful here the voice of an Angel we you know what it's what I. It's what I date that's very kind of PO I told Tracy he'd like to use it. You don't necessarily have to use my voice it's kind of what I seeing the in the studio from what I can't say on television on because before is elated Jenkins switch is still an unsolved child murder. And happy foresee Erica heightened pitch at least they were able to get some justice for her family for me. It was a little girl named to seek jasmine Owens. Shot dead on her grandmother's front step in the culture juicy because she'd look juice boxes. One in my first. Child crime victims I got a report on and that remains unsolved as well so. That was a thing that I really at the most looking through all the violence is how many of them go without arrests and it was terrible like I was looking at the statistics. I think as of late April 25 there was thirty to violence as thirteen that's. By violence it's standing or shooting or any form of violence. And so to stop the violence on it was gonna go through the song as we go to the sucked at any first is Abby comes up first on the sung Korea and it. On to raise your track come from a tummy by year's rent. It's just really glad to be invited to be a part of this project and so as soon as I knew I was going to be apart of it I started. Writing my neighbors and the main message does China get across in my neighbors was that. Violence affects everyone and despite our differences. We all deserve to feel happy and safe in our neighborhoods than. Yet doesn't just affect one certain demographic it affects all like even if it doesn't directly affect you on Ike. The people who are affected like maybe your family are just things you see on the news like that if taxi to. Absolutely. That would flow into skillet Shonn. On you do on December 21 it looked up and say hi to me just so excited to meet yet my well being and that she met you and chooses what. Whoever is very nice you're lucky man he had no agreement so John what is your first come from where did you com. Where's your inspiration well at a group on the south side of walking toward its thirteenth in Lincoln feature Burnham and it's still. One of those things where you when you when you grow open area that's subjected to a lot of you know gang violence and different things street activity you tend not forget about most of it I'm it's always around in all 29 years old neck is still remember lake everything from. Things that I see when I was 161512. Now my adverse purse say is basically a blatant lake this is. No this a 100% think you can actually find on May be Michelle McCormick's McCormick's. Newscast thing like this is something that's every day. There's nothing fabricated about it you know blood on the concrete. It is getting out of hand and is hard to understand. And the one thing that I was really questionable about putting down this is how we made all these months is a man and that was one thing that I was wondering about because. These are mistakes these are choices people make and it takes five seconds to. Retract their choice and make a better choice now people don't really see that they're just so emotionally involved and and instead of anger and rage and frustration you make a decision to split second when you I think somebody else in life and tired ever and certainly in that affects yours forever you know you know. Nice so that's the space who are came from. Thank you Sean and enough amigo in now was it pollution but back here but who pollute get sent around blue again. They couldn't hear us today so set out to them the probably listen at home. There we go to jazz. Jazz is up next in the sun jazz are you doing what I said out of bounds affecting do you like this how how does your verse. The to tell me about your first. Well part of the summer grew up on the sell side live on the north side now sub and all over the city and for some reason that seemed to be a magnate to it I've seen a lot of violence thumb and victim of it. No me in my daughter here got shot at last year after hitting run much. Yeah rain that neighborhood couple blocks from mouse and mean luckily they got caught there were witnesses people in and they did OK as did you know like seven years so I mean it's it's over with but all over didn't run. My numbers was basically saying. Talking about real people pulling out their guns too quickly people reacting and getting angry. Kind of fi feel which onset about just the emotions and it. Too emotionally Emeka or a decision to quickly react over something. And if people would just take a little more time if we had more a little more love patience and compassion. Oh we can settle some of these beefs that people have out here and don't take care of our children you know let people be safe from the community. Thank you jazz were taught and all the artists who were on this stop the violence on that we're gonna play here a couple minutes but since everybody is affected by violence and everybody wrote their own thirst throw local Milwaukee artists we went. And everybody can say their peace about with their first was about next up as Elvis yes. Elvis in my in my situation was quite a bit different and can attain. Thank you to just slowing down Michael join in the fourth caller I was I'm the only one under the Fatah have found the camera wasn't really an example of that level and I don't Jordan. I'm sorry a 1008. Sign because I was like him. That's fine understanding but thumb I I'm the only one that really lives also decision on from Chicago. And allows China into the city on timed again to Dutch studio in not can lovers but now session trying to show and he tried to that time so that Turks who borrow a friend's studio there and so much thanks to douse those little those little bit more difficult for me. Com my mum as far as violence and baseless songs. Those can they shuffled Bob Dylan's son knocking on heaven's door and you know I'd venture come in hip hop into phone can. Funk in. You know just global music and gospel and everything else in the nature so. Don't know that's. And leader and among community is so I'm just naturally didn't cross tries on voluntarily just because the lord that I to subdue. Whether it you know I'm in gains or am I in let them a part of the Sheikh Ayman that I I'm I'm in it because I. Because of the like I do and so it's kind of uncontrollable funny but I you know there's a chooses and so. To sacrifice. With thank you for participating and thank you definitely contributed depart his son and last and at least when Pataki. Miss Johnny in the fifth with. How tell me about U verse how are you adjust to the sun whatever's meaning you absolutely world my desire to starve our sand are like four different. Versions of my neighbors would call I was going to be Margaret I do this on this online so I was kind of our. And all it is is there's so many different ways which answered a lot of us can agree that. That us as human beings is live in our put any human being is the essence happy humanity that are affected. By violence where there is your own personal situation our family or friend or associate or you sound you hear about on the news station are phase but Clive. I've I guess what got me Serb leader we. Right and say what are actually wrote on the way to the studio. How is this still a very humane at demolish this film why. What is. What if like the person who has the Gunner than knife where the whatever it is the present rules if illustrating mean what if you tax your brother. But it too is your mother. What to do is your father your sister your branding. If if Mikey says those five seconds. If you can take one of those seconds to think about that. I think that would be something connected via changing factors. On this acting like they say it is always the heat of the moment you're not really thinking. Yours is reacting. And that's the issue and that's that's why I just wanted to repeat that statement over again. So baker really sit way oh. With the people who hear this on because there's so many powerful messages are so many powerful verses and a song and I'm just like. How can how cannot end this off like talking out and leave people with signs that there really think about and grass essay in those five say kids. What is it that actually take away and what is it back you really think about as far as as one human beings who in that there. And and just bring him a humanity bag they humanity factor is is what I was mainly thinking about MM moment. Willis let's play the song and because it is as we played on the radio. That affects one in so let's but I hands again ladies and gentlemen. Is voices against violence on Sunday morning check it out. Breaking news and lending giant lost gun violence on us. Streets are no longer investigators say the child victim was not intended to Harden rendered Cubans were shooting at us. Jun oh in the lawless look into one home child. They don't shielding another VOK. Finally land next. Pain. Relying on the scene and hundreds and stop the violence is your chance. No more children newborn children. Right here. I hear. Pain. Then they can Muster. Well. Say yeah. In the country and my kid doesn't mean it that would sound bad. Trying to make a party to a home yeah it is clear me. The place and we constantly. Understand it's totally. Chandra. There's nobody nobody is saying yeah. It will go facing these things like this it. I mean I'm nobody's timing comes up. It was an. And you. A senior yeah. My job. And my club gossip and these kinds Melissa masters his ankle pitches on the same thinking yeah. And go home from the mining. Pena. Can't do it. Any. The normal. But I was sick days. Prime cause of sudden. No hate there color. It industry yeah and they. In my so yeah. Some of Pakistan and the teaching me. They you again. And that you trust that's what we hear them. I've got to find them. Love them man is. I love racing maybe it's because we've got to. So bad enough now. Thank you. You might show you these facts are. It's little things. I keep cities. Yeah yeah. It it was all. Radio hey deal. I think it I think you guys again for Eminem's why were really appreciate it we're really appreciate LTE do you Trace in the dealer welcome and you guys had what the mention you at the have a wall coming up in June I think. Shall we got one coming up on May twentieth event it's it's national stop the violence prayer walk program and in what plan on work to one another walk in June. I'm still working on a date of that one bare sole a ten by dom and that's can be more of a community walk. Right there and so what you did website FaceBook Twitter on didn't go to for on the on FaceBook trade dance TR. A space DE NT programs FaceBook. On I have more Smart information on there or there could. Medea voices against violence coalition Tracy there if anybody needs to contact me now FaceBook thing called me at 4145027296. Policy don't stop the violence great cause they got an offer come into it we appreciate it. And thank you can't keep. Just today is really want. This Sunday morning. That's kind of encouraged.