Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - Riggs & Alley Rewind

Tuesday, June 23rd

WE'RE BACK!  Well, we never left...but the show rewinds are BACK!  We're giving away Amazon Echo Dot's (powered by Columbia Records) all week long with a game called "Guess the Nintendo Tune", Parking rates are going up, D.L. Hughley tested positive for COVID, Riggs' cousin got engaged but is nervous she isn't into it, Cedarburg is doing something different with their fireworks, Justin Bieber accused of sexual assault, Alley had a strange knock at her door from the guy who stood her up, Riggs threw his dog's poop bag in a NEIGHBOR's trash can and thought he broke the law, and we found out Alley's kid acually ENJOYS dong something - and he isn't alone...Enjoy it all on demand without music or commercials.  Boom shaka laka.