Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - Riggs & Alley Rewind

Tuesday, April 7th

Technical issues prevented yesterday's show from uploading, but here's Tuesday's show - no commercials or music.  Just us. 

Here's the rundown:  (00:03) - Michigan nurse made a viral video about cross contamination that everyone needs to watch. (3:08) - Lady Gaga's "Not a Telethon" concert for COVID-19 relief. (6:08) - Riggs went to Costco and they have their prevention game on LOCK. (10:44) - Election Day in Wisconsin.  (14:44) - A set of twins named "Corona" and "Covid"?  wtf?  (16:34) - Alley struggles with homeschool, so she's passing the buck to her nanny to cope!  (22:21) - Hell to the nawh when you have major 'mask sweat'!  (24:02) - Riggs was bored in the house...and asked people to unfollow him?  Why?  (27:29) - Grocery Stores start taking more drastic precautions to keep their workers and YOU safe.  (30:33) - Major sports league thinks they can start playing again...can they?  (33:02) - What did we learn on today's show?