The Truth Jar - Too Much Info On Gibbons

Wednesday, September 20th

Normally, Riggs, Alley and Gibbons have to answer embarrassing questions about themselves. Today, with Mamma G in the studio, it turned into a segment which gave entirely too much info on Gibbons.


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An Alley rely. In case you missed it the first time right now candidates who charged that Johnny's before pickles and we just put a bunch of questions inside image you can always Texas questions at 71037. And we'll ask your question from the is Jared can you biology mine actually since I'm apparently these stories are given the warning that America. I'll see yeah how about little given birth announcement from his daddy when he was born earn enough. Can we first lets you got pregnant the priest told you you're going to hell yes I guess. I didn't know that our. I fewer stores to go back sort of yeah no I didn't take Hoosier and went over there and she without really high issuing off on him I hurdles still. It can't let never saw it all popped up on my balls and and high bar high balls yeah. That's a bad back that day and blew it out please write down of one what are the what was the clothes she knew what to nevermind the free said you. The priest said that god was punishing me because I was there. I had premarital sex. And he Oscar and dynamic. That's why you have hide your shuffle us blacks. Given pads their conditioning has juror no I don't have any parents did the stories and ask does have a. Yeah I'm all talk a lot number and I'm proud of this bracelet floor. I made a birth announcement the paper it's. That he he wanted to name right on out of my dad's listening is Tobin toga that's a yes okay go ahead go ahead. So he decided to put a birth announcement in two of these local paper that his son was born and his name was right end. Today. Donna and bay BAE. No bail HOK okay and you want anyone I didn't is named to be bait though you lie that you lineup can. Yeah Israel right they were right now I am I take that. It was not until just recently ways to present my creature actually it. The original bank yeah did you hear this is your dad died at birth announcement Avery your mom retracted that's hysterical and you know why my makeup does family breakdown for an argument regarding my birth you know I have writer Seth was on my mom Joan how life so where I was is conceived mom did. Don't go that actually Adidas Boston College works works where it's cold take a look at sale lags. My uncle's bar you were into any got a pool table my uncle's bar ground we are sexier and Arabic term shoes yeah. Right you'd ever expect that a pool table get grandma's listened to this now it makes it whatever and now they that's gonna givens always it was bars with billiards. What I think others say the asked visited Israel Hamas and address we got DA bully and and at a corner pocket and walk. Oh and yeah. Constituent Jerry I. Up up up up and they wanna go in and every kid I did raspy and givens asked. And Ted as you don't tell our guys choose generally how. Yeah a rat somebody else leaves Texas your question. Richard I forgot the dog and armored tracked down there and get him I. Attracted hysterical she didn't tell dad should turn its Clinton is in the ala John. I know Craig Alan I don't know what is is. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.