The Truth Jar - Thanksgiving Memories

Wednesday, November 22nd

With the help of The Truth Jar, Riggs and Gibbons revealed some of their favorite Thanksgiving Day memories.


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An Alley where I. In case you missed it the first time right now it's time for the truth Darth. Video large jar the east before Nichols now filled with questions and you can text questions that you started 71037. And we will ask your question daily villagers jar but it was a snickering like a school girl please go first the good. Just a money game be it Texas 71037. Yeah what is your best immoral wars to Thanksgiving memories. OK I gotta do what my worst because I totally overreacted I streaked down almost is on my family over this yeah. So I moved away from home for five years ago right yeah. And before that I had every Thanksgiving every Chris every holiday home yeah. My last Thanksgiving at home I knew I was gonna be moving moves in February that since then that November before that big Thanksgiving dinner. Matt this Thanksgiving just in general all the citizens right now we have the mashed potatoes we had stuffing we had a Turkey's. But for dessert you know we didn't have. What did not. Half pumpkin pie blacks and I specifically was like major summer breeze pumpkin pie and nobody brought pumpkin pies I levs in the middle of I was so sexy totally spoiled last Thanksgiving with the family they'll let you know I don't. Pumpkin pie my grandma started crying and my mom started crying and my answer to argue with my mom my grand mom over crying. I left. Went to my dad now what daddy is my parents what daddy and I. Mommy didn't heavily booked your pride do you have any thought of I you know what he said no helps you know that's exactly. So I know what do bite I was very upset look at yourself now just think and you. About it and understand that. I should not having a lot of high will cause a fight family trip for briefly sour my grandma made a chocolate pies when it doesn't think it's a shock that I usually like eight or ten of them gas and night danced dawn was probably listening right now it's like six of them and stuff and in your trunk she came on you. Another I think my uncle Rick supplemental Tony is that once there was like no no less so we get there are a little bit late and everybody's taken all the chocolate pies. Please do you think it's of informal and heavenly somebody incidentally cat it's because of that list and a bad. My teacher questions about Thanksgiving as well as and is there anything embarrassing about your Thanksgiving. My family used to have the most chauvinistic Thanksgiving in the world and I think it'd take my desire here. Police to have what it was commonplace to me when I was a kid him 67 years old I don't understand what's going on. But we would all the men would sit down while the women's clubs. And it would bring out all the food and serve all the men and all the guys would eat and then afterwards the guys would get up from the table can go downstairs and watch football. And the women who clean up after the men and and and it would put all of what's left over back out on the table. My guys feed the kids did the kids are still many of the same time well had to get amendments take care of the kids and then after the kids man bolting in and clean double times. In the same way it was left over and they eat. Did you grow in nineteen earning. Well late eighties and that I realized. As I got older I was like what is gold not this is probably three years in a row that this happened and it started to realize how jacked up it wasn't and that's from the time started changing and they went wire we. Just eating them all together as a family yeah this male female thing so it was crazy you're with your family for Thanksgiving tomorrow yes that won't be the case front I don't know I know OK because of I think demand a more debt in deserving women as the guy that cooks and are only about. They surely we ever got my my uncle it's got that Turkey hi I Alessio side dishes and I would do some cooking as well so I think which is completely opposite now must go Ali together at the same time though because as we should be asked. Everybody east and everybody cleans up and and everybody passes out there and and I don't everybody's from Phnom I don't know about it. Philip visit your gigantic question of our daily Texan to. Seven model 37 will answer your question maybe Monday morning with the truth jar it's one altered flight seventy cassettes and rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.