The Truth Jar - Riggs Family Joins In...

Friday, February 16th

Riggs' family was in the studio this morning for a truth jar during their short trip to Milwaukee.  


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LA helmet help families in this is the if there is gracious. Be careful what you wish for an album and I'm just yards and Seattle art Cheri we've both Mickelson sent out just little questions that we can ask one help. I want your sister is any error any clearer in your Father's Day here as well or edit Alton town for the elder went to Madison for the a badger game with a badgers beat Purdue got. Berlin where it's not a matter yeah. We did this thing publishers jar every morning where people ask like direct super uncomfortable questions is are my yeah until. Love with your husband I have to ask don't that I. Yesterday now it wasn't out of an October now I'm god not of course now that. Us old did you have a bush he would ask me that's it's your turn it's my sister. Fair which some. I question for you yeah is why it's is one thing that I did as a child that annoyed you the most this thing we did as a challenge annoyed me the most. As you watched the same movie over and over and over and over and over. And over what lovely event in which one do you wanna be the Lion King was it a Little Mermaid and pretty much every Disney movie imaginable I know Disney movies we say you look at Disney movie you have to do. Are you love to why do now. But what I was thirteen. No I and my sister again and again unless Disney sing alongs and like I cannot tell. Six and this is how I know and I've memorized all the worst ever sung from beating the beast through. Snow White every song I have the mom that rise because it's you and your obsession with Disney movies to him just to get things LA knowing that yeah this thing. That was a dumb because incredibly annoying but now I love them because its second reined in my brain. Did she watch them on VH assets are seeded on the well there are said Janet VCR and ended the disc movies and as it actually did. Okay yeah we're keeping you and Shelton brilliant what are your bookshelf they've ever sell much or I don't know ledger how. Errors which you choose your questions now about my what is the what is the best concert you've ever been to whom. And I gotta tell you I'm part because Harry JT tickets you know it's coming up bray student I. Express card. I am bought the tickets rally. With. Appreciate you had never American Express cards asset rigs you're the only old person I know how the American Express an action. It took or borrow it still written plot might Justin Timberlake tickets and I piggybacked your PayPal. Let me back ORR. Can unprecedented if the F thirty cents. So yeah so Justin Timberlake I'm I'm about that yeah we have Kabila cup details coming down and pump him up that's. What are the shows I've ever been to it's got to be Bon Jovi baby. I. Part of the department of theatre Joey could be Eric well I think all the luck Joseph you didn't think too when I was 21 putt. Can't all get flustered I want to Kamal give us a judge's questions and what's the most. Interest in building you've seen or been in that building talk about being angry your family okay so it's christmastime 2000. And my family bizarre questions they pay for new York city hotel former high rise overlooking Central Park now we're gonna Radio City Music Hall center in Trenton and then we go to the World Trade Center dances in December 2000 yeah we did in the lobby of the world trade system are about to go up to the top two to see the overlooking thing. Yeah he'll tickets to go for twelve dollars Martin George and world and high rise overlooking Central Park we've been a radio city music hall and didn't wanna pay twelve dollars at the top of the world trade so we didn't go and then 9/11 was nine months. Later I'm like yeah. We do we're inside a lot of that we're right inside yeah I want to lose videos all from the island this gives me chills wow right well being go to and even did the the museum the museum I am not I imagine your since 9/11 of the demands barges used Sino us now twenty years ago dear I'm. A lot of the big reflect month and everything dad who with the new towers amazing. Just to watch and there's real ground zero and all they haven't now running and my sister lives in New York. That's what you live there you don't do towards these guys are made me I got a Battery Park right now our state building and just watch or care and and. How they got as the chief Jerry got a question for us please text it to 71037. And we'll answer it every morning at 630. One of three point seven kiss FM.