The Truth Jar - The Profile On Riggs

Friday, February 23rd

Our intern is doing a full profile on Riggs. What's it going to be about? Who was interviewed about it? What exactly is it?! Listen to The Truth Jar for the answers to these questions. 


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Rigs and Ellie rewind a detail and in a minute you wanted. The profile is being done on me. Somebody's profiler makes some guys. Are that should be but where does it. So our answer that I talk to murder is actually did that you've got questions. Toyota now I'm really interested in the here it's ignorance of the true Jerry can text questions to 71037. Zahn. It was a question I guess what's the weirdest thing anyone ever ask you do it or profiling you. Aren't intern at the comments HM yeah fiercely high maintenance I called my attorney Jim I mean and yes my fiercely hammy lines and I called Internet HM I F I mean okay. That's love and a lot of great guys have a nice guy and he wanted to do what he's doing a profile for his journalism class right C a ST to profile me and I'm a sheet of sure whatever yeah. I guess yeah to his asking questions about where I grew up a challenge started in radio and because we talk to your wife and let's. But before it was a weird right lets us my level of some profiles why would know more about you so we called my life on speakerphone and conference funny because no. Me and I don't lawyer would be like tiger husbands don't. No I called earlier cutting give them are numbered to talk to her privately was on speakerphone okay. But still I was like OK and Agassi talked to give incest you. Yeah they tend Al texting me what are the questions he asked you only now. What's your favorite thing about working with Greg. You're really ever come up. I'm really hard don't get a hot and then what can you say he's like when he's not working and I'm like is this a profile on view at work yeah twice. Work this but where I grew up next thing like I'm going to meet this feels like a really good documentary like that that camera drove. Doubt what does this what now not then now Santa and I say it didn't change it and samurai. They're necessarily. Called your wife for a lot of so that had been profiled and I am and do a full report on and on the air you know I think you know like if I. I have found some of their job I would never call her significant other now right if I do. Weird I think he wanted to get like this persona of reason in the personally I don't. A real person now which yesterday and what is it different string and how you are on the radio how you are in person and I was like now I'm a control freak everywhere well I didn't Attila hoosiers. Very rarely ever worry out. There's a real jam what's your favorite thing about race and I was like defective brings a lot of the heavy lifting of the really control freaks he wants to be in control of everything so we just kind of get the hang out your favorite thing that he's a control freak noted that he. Heavy lifting to be the this kind of show threat. I'm on the there was a control freak is right off the lead actress from Jerry's show. All right do you remember the. What you answered your questions. They got what Brady. You could show you how would. He admitted I I don't I'm not I'm. Were all married. Sure I how hard is there isn't relevant lesson. Oh that's just the yes I give us what you should check question do you have a friend who currently just super jets on your nerves. My wedding I know some news you guys actually thought god that my buddy John with the high school with a and we actually keeping contact aggression like either guy different you know you several friends but he's a real leadership and in my desk we have totally different views on politics and gun control and everything that we could not be polar opposites like about it for trump people are for Hillary exactly right offense but his new thing now and what will the days and could differently did it is not just yelling at each other kids. New thing is tagging me in on FaceBook and all these crazy conspiracy theory these numbers like it just stop. I'm drag myself he recharged me and Internet nothing there are people saying. That you're gonna change someone's mind on FaceBook like wait. Every time someone posts something you're like I wanted the world to hear what I have to say but really it's only the people that are you agree with you. You silliness are rolling their eyes so let earlier changing no one's my hair out my job just got man just stop now have to come on John 63 people I didn't. Particularly in 63 people's minds yeah. It's written out the other 300 and rolling their eyes on chase birds eye and aren't posting you moron get more on you idiot okay. I'm just move on now that's a really long trail on just. I have been achieved our please take it to 71037. But the minute you will ask your question next time 630 for the truth starts casesa. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.