The Truth Jar - Practical Jokes, Teacher Crushes And Scary Movies

Wednesday, December 6th

A cruel practical joke, crushes on teachers and the fear of scary movies highlighted The Truth Jar this morning.


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This is rigs and Ellie rewind fast after the shooting guns and how. Else having your gonna fire problem was born and forget about the madness of your trafficking on. Time for the Shuster from the larger audience vehicles pickles now it's full of questions you can text questions for the truth chart 71037. So do everybody is exerting the givens is heading a first for the truth job. I guess from the truth chart. What was the worst practical joke that's ever been played on you I'm born in your life to play a joke played and you joke played on me OK guys you guys. I'm sitting at home on mom's house and I'm like 23 years old and I was going through a wild time I was given up with a bunch of random strippers all the time. Is limited crazy lines right now and my phone rings and on the other line is a female. Who identified yourself within tells me we've met. And then he tells in digging deep shelf space sexual encounter this year and I I'll. Then she tells me that she is pregnant with my baby so that I immediately freak out. All I start to dry out much at all. They got some hooker knocked out why I actually wasn't a hooker she was a stripper clubs and are energetic right partners and everybody I initially five put you shoot. So I glazed over that collection valley I am museum glaze over that stuff I I didn't pack but anyway I hooked my point now. Money exchange fund clients. Or activities I grant you done. It's because as you brag didn't you Marleau the story it was not a stripper and it was my mom's best friend's daughter calling Jews is true with me huh. You're gonna go my mom was. Or pregnant as does play this frank would get me going back together. It didn't work out I don't ever Wear condoms Dick did you I found a moderate abortion played. How hot story we've heard this story after I had not a complete leaks or aside completely or revise its funny rigs ledgers. Future questions might treat your questions as a theoretical question UNAIDS childhood teacher or a professor in college. I had a crush on mrs. broad head. Broadway irony of that now. That's the bride and they're gonna play she was still pretty good. And I just loved her class notes in the front row when I was just gonna miss brown and I'm classrooms guy he's like nine. And he had actually abroad happy RO GA GA DM this is brought well thought out blunt RO THE a Chicago where I really hear us. This is proud as she was its third grade reading teacher and I woods is purposes sit in the front of the class and write my and we had a CD Simon that charge GAAP to get there early it's like to write my name in the front and set up close doors I can see here. What about you broke my. No I was not she threatening him and counsel I think it was Nancy brought anyone else I smelled her. I. Couldn't admittedly both City Council. And now I'd love to Ari this perfectly for the smelled so good. Not being in the ask Mrs. Brown didn't. I'd read news or germs are on Google are very busy don't. But I remembered as a high school students hey Matt teacher at school and middle school in Naperville Illinois a there's just a matter now. Alliger treat your. Put your blog is our. Yeah I'll talk generally have a TJ and presenter laid out my god I hate to my question. Did you ever cover your eyes during a scary part in any movie yes all the time and I even watched them. No stranger things. This season it straighter I think I a couple of my eyes and points. Apparently Gloria Diane I didn't like it when I got. It's always a tour itself can seems confused and way over here and it's only six episodes in a moment. Obama did plant yes word visitors one word to bring back. And I imagine how it looks. Sleaze and I both know that you do cover your eyes number we when's like hey do. I don't wanna go there for you we witnessed a sudden. I worked right dungy brought the ride to work for you encore I am. You guys have a question what is dancing and tech. Into us at 710371. Of three point seven kiss FM. Rigs in LA Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.