The Truth Jar - The Pet Penguin

Friday, January 12th

If Riggs could have any animal as a pet? A PENGUIN, of course! Listen here for a great lesson on penguins. LOL!


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An Alley where I. In case you missed it the first time in a time. It's just very Larry you are used to be full of common questions and just people pickled hostile questions. From the text questions to the truth jobs 71037. You get aren't examine long dark yet I'll come right through my political action from the truth John it. Oh when he got rigs as if you could have any animal as a pet what animal would you choose from. Down a penguin undercut I'm a hundred steps up. I would refrigerator my basement yeah get our I have fish shift in French daily. I would feed him I was him I would name him Ralph and I would love that and would like to child. Does this guy in the penguins don't wanna kid he went to England I mean yeah I really haven't you need change your whole basement yeah. Carter got 150%. Please Briggs why didn't. Think kid right yes just a baby the child yeah you have to teach a child to go to the bathroom like duke did little things and then on the kids like three or four now that you can go look at the mother and it's cold you have pain in the digital and eating of the baby holds. Eighty years old that's fine this flanking either release it into the wiling given up because it doesn't have any real feeling pretty sure no I don't have to worry about a growing up in being some sort of an a hole in being a jerk in the world are doing as you know bad things in this in society huh. You should give Obama ashamed and you know what he'll listen if he's like sixty years old Bennett style are paying them to be like all right brown. But he got back into the wilds. How do what does that the emperor penguins beat twenty so you can do 120 years right one years. And I had taken him for them since a huge guy with for their holdings to present you lock series started getting into species of Israel and Gaza CDC's ten and I tell direct. A lot of thanks how would your regs. That way we are sure if Vick like this is this type of it went missing Henderson didn't run congress I. Well I think examining that and Delhi penguins. Cannot. My can the Galapagos and I Automask images jar finale. Do you miss that is she you are going to be stuck. On a deserted island and you can only bring side of things sorry. Then I did I didn't bring my kids are not right I'll do everything you have got Iraq right now I'm bringing my debt to our mouths to feed your. I lives and we got to see if I neglect them. Are unhealthy kids and my night I'm getting are now. I can't begin as one item I had a one giant headache so I just like you got my kids so they're okay kids to be one of humans and higher zoom yeah now my. Loan would be to what are what my music selection which is on my phones are up to make that an extra one because I didn't have music rank and Netflix and a charger that works because look at how. My wife's body tell that story on this is involved in the total and promising I'm definitely going to worrying. Like a huge refrigerator on a boat builder Diet Coke or McDonald's and is in constant straw that Obama. Everywhere right what do you do. I'm gonna get myself a I have what your love I look at me when. You're funny had a lady real nutrient that is the dike give a damn about real stop portal I don't I direct how. Nobody bought Internet Explorer and ending his four kids Diet Coke phone hot spot. I would value I think I'm Aaron yeah saint Mabry a jigsaw puzzle for you guys knowledge shared vision. Solid muscle doesn't usually get a she doesn't romance is the islanders but certain to stir wherever and take a boat we. If you would of the events what does your truth to our questions might through your question came via FaceBook message and it's a little out of a little. But as ritzy and in all caps did yes I do what. How old question mark exclamation point question exclamation point you sure you're quitting drinking age I assure you guys all saw the last night. What's going on the so we get to the bar last night W the Tomkins now west Alice we get to the barn resource a beard Alley orders beard I go all the Coke. And the guy brings that they're two Beers and the rigs and makes hand gesture it looks like a piece of the female anatomy that I can mention an Alley goes all due to us and you know what. Screw it give me a beer shortly. Said coach Simon would be less accurately pressured given them the jury think it would clearly don't want what the hell yeah. I went back to being the young man who was light hearted guys I don't if I don't enjoy that you don't just hang out these guys enjoy myself. On the arrogant and it's a screw it can't beat him tournaments and you were two weeks ago given suggest. Don't ever remember last night and. How best pitchers guys have a question for us please exodus 71037. We had we do it every morning 630 something what is answer text it to 71 of 37 or reach out to us individually. It's one of three point seven kiss FM great personality it's rigs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.