The Truth Jar - Nude Beaches, Backpacking, and Shopping Habits

Wednesday, October 18th

If you're looking for stories about Nude Beaches, Backing Through Europe, and Shopping Habits...well, The Truth Jar is here for ya!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life. Just send you the truth giants a large jar it's full of questions that you can text to 71037. We'll take your questions and put him in the truth jar they come out swell like pickles we don't know line I have. Check it checks today like me don't look at these bad boy that's. Given GS and the knicks intern from. I guess of the Madrid chart yes listen if you let it take a vacation by yourself to a foreign land border land where would you go and why and I would take two weeks it's ever been out of the country are only on later crews are never anywhere like that seem to Thailand yeah okay and out. And I would backpack through Europe it's on my bucket list I've wanted to do in my entire life would love to take like two weeks start medium like Paris worked my way through like it would in Germany in two weeks of backtracking like three months to backpack through Europe jeered yeah I think the whole summer. I think it like five or six cities for Nader who needs this kind of pick my way through curriculum and anyone want to see anything I've. Seventeen days in line then and parents and that wasn't even enough. You know you've kind of done this night after that I would ever scored in seventeen days there now I still lead to go back to Paris and London allow you might like New York. Really it's literally pardon my ignorance and I'd does a I don't know check elect. It's a backpack and my sister did it after law school shiatsu and all summer. That's so you didn't hostels this guy that's not public the whole experience they are hostile to nineteen bucks and I yelled into exactly yeah I would love to document her husband's. All in a hostile. Now let Parker yeah. So are you know I don't Larry that is your kids. My teacher questions says would you ever consider joining a nudist colony are going to be nude beach. Yes. A 100% and you want it wouldn't you know I have I would always tell now I would not now I know I don't now. It would have some are sorely I would go to one in like a condom locked into a room and I'm trying to -- never -- Fredricka I think I would like you can't know this is weird how go to a new beetle like Austin, Texas or something somewhere where nobody knows me well and public nudity like being OK I did do it like France or whatever its entirety so you activity will be in choosing to conquer my fear did you deal with everybody else is naked. Vegas is this game is about as you are. I really think the same thing on the other look at something like that everybody keep their clothes on so I don't really keep taking them off and I'm pretty hot people particularly worried that it doesn't. You remember you can and can't find you there yet. We'll watch not a given that even do a nude calendar it's come on guys how what truth. What are they think he has my grandparents came to visit me in Seattle one time and we early this scenic sort out the check out this beach right here to walk down these steps you will play a hundred yards and all of a sudden oh my god everybody's made it. Meehan my eighty something year old grandparents are sitting on the beach surrounded by naked people is turnaround it together didn't they could get a hot hot hot. I don't turner I could not walk back up enough. And that's when I really awkward. The rivas got naked news walked out there. They grim picture of my question is what's your favorite place to shop. Where to start. It's a tight between. The marshals. Ross. Gone TJ Maxx and a man all crappy lately compared to the other you know and John. Public goods and college standing in trying to shame is the truth jock. Tomorrow be truthful believing your lies and okay about watt forty shop the most moss solved now. No idea Allie I call truth GR breading it's all on three I don't know what your turn I went out to three. Amazon. Hello I'm. Shop there that is not going out shopping that's all I need a lot of I don't think county that on my. There yeah. I did notice Friday we had its for a second feeling like I was like that's going to. There when it drug question the chief Jeff please text it to a 71037. Maybe we'll ask your question tomorrow morning same time. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.