The Truth Jar - Life Regrets

Friday, November 3rd

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One of three point seven kiss FM Trace an Alley as laws are being truthful Alli can tell you something really quick yeah. I have an itch on the edge of my nose right here is how horrible H yeah. As we dominate it's all morning I'm not picky mine doesn't spend some lotion on it or something I don't know I just really bad. I'm not picking my nose that is weighted jokes you looking any rigs is picking us now from your angle it would look like them picking myself and a nice distraction displayed Nelson. It buys time and just I would eggs for your honesty that's what I don't know I was gonna Briggs has been mistaken for a cold morning idols then dig this it's. Very edge of mice now that it is badly and a lot of they really aren't out nodding in text questions for the trees SaaS model 37 and I had lunch from vitamin would you what everyone's as the lone remaining third now. I'm now back. I offer you our voice heard that's just might just Yemeni what's your biggest regrets in life. I'm having regretted the decisions I have. Like getting married I don't regret dad how taught me what I don't when an America first. Bob I think learning another language I wish you would have stuck with Spanish something in high school I wish I don't that we that we are one big regret I wish I was fine. Everybody you talk to badly you're now you heard or something you should have got it. You should've learned marriage as just a player and a chef. I really wish it would allow a second language is that what field and at what I wanna be bilingual I would love to can go to another country be able to just pick it up. Right away I. Just get annoyed when people say no regrets. Right who really if you don't regret she made no changes in your life like you. We learned if we don't regret that I'm ready to fight by 90% the crap my life I regret everything yeah. Don't regret eBay I regret starting a relationship with somebody a workplace onetime. That was all else don't we. And everybody was saying don't do it it's juvenile is going now it's time it'll be different out here and high. I doubt that guy is I don't know this time it's going to be. Guys are piracy is here and Powell now. Sorry here's my church our question this kind of Bob about the tax we can got a lot. One I will get into the next week regularly gets a one today. Allie do you get lonely being a single mom. I do not because I. Constantly surrounded by F four to six year old giving me hugs and kisses and 230 or amend the engine thirty year old man trying to get we had to get busy now I don't generally exhibit and I should. Out of seriously out and I don't Agilent I didn't believe I might. Around ice to cry when they leave and I'm like golf death here just as a breath of fresh air cast doubt I got. I think about my real loneliness dishes like it when they get older down you know they don't really care anymore and no 100 dizzy and yeah we move out Dodi Al boosters as your demeanor now. I'm from that Meg Ryan last forever aware that I might easier therapist about that zawahiri is actually about I don't know about it and Edgardo get lonely guy. Position stereo and a text questions for Alley or myself for anybody Texas 71037. Maybe you'll ask your question that extends to every morning 630 countries as next week.