The Truth Jar - Imaginary Friends and Gender Swaps

Monday, October 16th

What's the deal with Riggs' imaginary friend and how did a major event in Riggs' life KILL said friend? What would Alley do if she switched genders for a day? The Truth Jar was extra deep this morning.


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This is a and Ellie rewind isn't the truth gently text questions you can text question did you jobs 71037. Given you an effort to just jump from the troops jar and got the fury of bad news do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up. It's 5050 I normally I'm in a bad mood I wanna be left alone like kind of free treatment and hermit mode lets say to myself and then eventually some friends of like yo see the will come and get ship where you're coming out and that's around those people like kinda. Cheer myself but now my friends cheer me up the 5050 are we the people of course you are crucial but to be like trying to hide from the people that cheer me up. Yeah when you're in a bad million because of us were like yeah. Feel as if that's vitamin a bad move because if you guys like coming out anybody and I aren't. It's just. My Treo get a guy like Georgia questions says if you ever had an imaginary friend growing up. Never tell a story that I totally had an imaginary of course you did your recent Medicare Barrett 31 every. I either. Medicare merry yes I had punish senator Fred Taylor and why did I realize our caps I realize why I had an imaginary friend when I was little of this name is it. He was the mayor of Puerto Rico people. Irony and now on there right at the thought she was the mayor Cory go when I was a kid and that's where you that's where he lived and worked so I think that I had an imaginary friend because my dad left does that young age that it didn't have a good data in my life so I created this imaginary person named it to be like my dad type character. So when my mom remarried. Six died he got hit by a garbage trucks like I was flying because it happened. Think I was in tears you're yeah I remember that very vividly led imaginary friend got hit by garbage truck. And he moved to Puerto Rico that's crazy fast. But it was the exact same ten MM I'm remarried so now my little kid's brain was like you don't need this imaginary friend anymore you have a dad now. It's so weird actually playing with ideas that the way that I use. Is totally rationalize it in my head the gap is an adult now. Why add an imaginary friend. Qureshi here I was and am also freedom which goes suggested I had no I never met her daughter that we hear followed up to it out there is that I know kids. Did that imaginary friends and it's fine to use your imagination whatever. Would you choose your questions sent in these huge gender strip today what would you do to. I have sex and then I go back to England and that's and that's that just once that trip back you know I purchased it being a man to marry you wouldn't want a single standing up. I've done that this. I don't every inch long video got. National. Crematorium that there's decision. Nevertheless US answer please text to a 71037. Rigs and Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.