The Truth Jar - Hijacked Facebook and Men's Attention

Wednesday, November 1st

What has Alley done to get a man's attention?! What happened when a co-worker hacked Riggs' Facebook? The Truth Jar asked and they kept it real!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life. Time for the interest yards a large jar that's full of questions these people pickle sneaking text questions to 71037. And we will answer your questions from the truth jar knees givens what did you first finishes. From the truth Joseph our that you could go back in any day in history which day would you go to and why. I current travel there right in the exactly what is I would go to the days that the United States of America one World War II. Had to drop the bombs after Germany surrendered because I feel like. That was the last time all that far all along you know that this nation was linked together as one and patriotism was up we always wanted to get together and be together and celebrate together did you see that damages on the Internet herself and now. We were all quiet and we were all PS perhaps to nobody's letting guys kissing the girl I'm leaning in America. I felt happy at all like white people I recommend this guys stories high IQ like okay we're all the other one and waiting. White people black people brown people everybody together in early departure is the and I don't want to urge you to. Two yes no less north and we're all together. I think he'll and they can history of didn't time traveling in general re awesome how the gas goes back and check in and around me like all right. Think let's move so yeah. Don't worry ago. True was it Louisa Candace said kind of imagining that I'm Jack's questions that I had no idea why not just San his image it's a question says what's the most annoying thing someone did do you. Somebody got on my FaceBook page that hijacked at once they've put that it's been a real Milwaukee time for my next adventure kind. Hijack my face at some that I was leaving my job here which was not funny to me because like my wife saw that. And her boss son that's her bus on to call her my mom called me freaking out where you going my boss here was like what's happening what's going on. A lot of people into the stuff that I was leaving their why wouldn't she say anything we interviewed for jobs and what are igniting a call wants Medicare are hot hot hot. We may frustrate. That happened. He's is that the got to orchard is that well I can work through these and you've got ears as super very 00. What I did to get back at him for doing that now when time now. Or retaliation. What might fared the best retaliation I've seen in years what do you do have one on Craig's list the next Saturday morning at like 7 AM to them. I have a litter of doberman Pincher policies that I need to get rid of by the end of the week do you recognize the number it can't get rid of them I'm going to have them put down. That guy's got like eighty phone calls are more please call or text. Senate and had no clue it was a big blue white people are calling everybody realize that Riggs did you pay back at it. Around books that would have. Yeah that you're gonna your skeletal children puppy he's tomorrow as yet that animal hospital calling him a leg people. Passing him down bonds got a guy he did not in debt all that mess calamity known Damascus may face to an end. But if the man right now is I don't like that was annoying and he would feel Jack and I season coming to mind just log me out. What's your return questions and I'm my truth question added it's Bob what is the craziest. You've been at burden giant next to attract a brush. That's the easiest thing. And probably you know the general they might starve yourself staring at all hey Gino I'm. I'm being sarcastic but aren't they call Joseph W severely felt was on your and I would idiot talent and I haven't found. Which is crazy man look back at pictures at all girl we'll tell you I thought it was so fabulous venue like. Sure yeah. And zero gigolo looks at shared and shows and cleavage gets yanked out of her dress for the dude now. I want to like to flash a lot it's never been my jam didn't. Never like super slurred east. Hagan she surely had to get to disclose my chip breaking news you've lost me there. The mood now of what I don't know it's been desperate dad just kind of a desperate idea that vitamins that don't don't act like I have. That's it bit them on top of the charts today I don't that does her stuff tomorrow finally got to get back out there we gotta get you back in the game to now working on anti American and you were looking then on Friday and I will announce. Hero and I you read let's take my rounds but I loved Greg I'll marry my dad I might have. I don't come off all that time I got big bad. Is the truth Jahri got a question forest police text it to 71037. We will ask your question possibly tomorrow morning same time for the truth to. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.