The Truth Jar - Flashing and The Bathroom Bandit

Monday, October 30th

Has Alley ever flashed someone? Where's the freakiest place Riggs got it on?! The Truth Jar asked and the answers were juiiiiicy!!!


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An Alley where I. In case you missed it the first time announced on for the truth jar. The allied Charlize films pickles knowledgeable questions you can always text questions for the truth -- 271037. Alan would you like to go first to choose John I wish her play my question is have you ever flash someone. No no no no not really already exists or is it that's about end. Paula you're never driving down the road with a with a bunch your girlfriends. And you see some guys try to next CA having embraced the next day they embrace it next not a large vacuum for the pleasure no now now outlawed why. Why what I flash subdued on the highway has grown girl and girl good girl I'll remain why would you do if you're Marty Yahoo!. Did you know Lindsay now now see now the now super drunk now now the coolest v.s in the world's now I'm not a flash or sorry man. I answered stands at night manager Jack question says where's the strangest place you've ever done and I'm. Without being an airplane massages strange isn't. Restaurant bathroom. Duration hopeful it was a restaurant bathroom we broke the sink in a restaurant Preston what I tell my girlfriend and I am still Keisel. Brooke the straight off the law of the law. And deadly when you try to blame it on customers can we look and sound like that's. Yeah he walked out of your aero of the shuttle do you got a mess everyone knows just feel I don't know the guy restaurant for a anybody go to the best you managing the sink and broken what you mean the sink his drug and yet. Off the law. We listing got in their last night. Break here remember army Joe's story of how that we've pulled the shower I like that freaking shower head out of the wall. Know. When arrogant like who decry they're roof are pleased to conduct. Some vacation now do end like literally like they shower got leader called me and think this. Are we were getting are currently hold that like shower head out. I don't of the can somebody fix it so did and is only done. Here all the important thing now. Dylan's registry check questions and from the truth jar what's the worst and best thing about being a male. The best thing. We don't give birds. Then of no mention I don't think you are you curious about giving no way no how no Q you have no curiosity about what it's like to have a chance now rather fully support a woman do and it's. Absolutely I even I can't even think about the process and how it messes with your body in your emotions. The tax I didn't invest so we don't have to do the worst thing is that there's a single with the dudes. And I knew this stigma so I moved here we're we're not allowed to have guys did you have any emotions it's beyond. Hard to know let me ask you kind of manly man I came just like that yet until I moved here literally my entire life has been he would be a manly man man man man. Earthquake drill for suicides or men because men don't talk about that feel that's right absolutely problems and no communications L yeah men are horrible to their mental health. It's ladies and they go to support proves we need to get up smile committed Matt Williams I was suicide dinner go to supporters about a tennis okay the man yeah of those groups is is mostly women and like you do in the meanwhile other guides terrible. They have men don't talk about the problems and you should go and say dad yes its OK to talk about your feelings it's not there like who's stupid. You're girly talk about June. Should he should open up shed. They should truth jar he got a question of the Jews are placed text it to us 71037. Maybe we will ask your question tomorrow morning the same time. Rigs and Alley it's Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.