The Truth Jar - Epic Quitting And The First Kiss

Monday, November 6th

What was Riggs' first kiss like?! What epic way did Gibbons see someone quit their job? Listen to The Truth Jar for all the details!!


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And valley where I. Casey mr. the first right now it's time for the truth jarred. Large ice revolt Nickels and vote difficult no more tenacious full questions. Juicy tasty questions you can tax questions for the truth jarred to 71037. And we will make it clears out since Alley is not here this morning will be just given tonight. Gibbons an ideal first I would love to even give it out for a couple days with mr. presence and sales. Please what is your truth to our question. From the truth chart yet what's the most ethical way you've seen someone quit or be fired from a job no brakes all my guys. So before I'd gotten to the radio business I was a radio fan yeah and I was listening to my favorite afternoon show Matt and how he NW YST in Philadelphia and I didn't know it's a delicate eye and Jerry Madden hugging. The no previous seasons are supposed to full of quotes sound proof studios right branch Madden hug you while they were on the air in the studio next to them purchase audio being cut up talking about it format change the radio station the test happened the following day yeah so imagine how he went screwy things. Still a difference in things on the board Reagan had any studio up on the air. They pulled. The station the studio that was clearly audio flipping the station right pulled the seeds for them yes and you'll guess what guys I got a news story tomorrow morning the radio stations the other formats if you wanna know what's going on here you yell they put that studio up and they walked out. Bosses had no idea so all you're hearing is starting tomorrow. I'm talks on an army fort WYSE and the guy that walked out cities left unless they quit they walked out it was amazing and. I. While he played ethically quit it was amazing and in six months later I was Burton has radio station I put into an area different. Are my question from which is just says do you remember your first yes I do I remember losing kindergarten. Kindergarten playground kids with Katie Randy homeland. Katie Randy had a crush on me. I knew she would like she was a cutesy with me all the time. He was always very like nice and clear with me in length which share snacks with me tell us all day. We were rather recess. Katie ready and I met under the monkey buys us. Oh loneliness it's. She laughed and ran away and that was my first thing I remember. I'm just a couple of little kindergarten rigs first kiss unnerved under monkey bars. As LA prairie elementary school Obama trying to find her FaceBook page I can't she can't find her anywhere I'm sure. From eighty cannon she may have a different name altogether and autos and that we know we're in kindergarten and I literally never sour get in my life. I'm sure we'll do what I cannot announce the one they got away eighty Randy asked for the first guess that's kindergarten rigs got a question for Jews Japanese text it to 71037. Maybe we ask you questions tomorrow morning same time with the truth jock. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.