The Truth Jar - Drunk Stories, Sisterwives and The Feels

Tuesday, February 20th

What's Riggs' best drunk story? Why does Alley love Sisterwives? What hit Gibbons in The Feels?! Listen to The Truth Jar to have these questions answered!


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An Alley where I can now. In case you missed it the first time right now it's time for the truth jar large jar east hasn't pickles and it now we put your questions and end. Text questions to the truth jars is 71037. And we will answer them to the rest of our ability sea ice might choose chart questions says rigs what is your best or worst drunk story. Following are easily read your best one of the worst ones I. I wanna hear the best and the worst Ali did you read it that's why after best would probably be my 21 birthday when we rented a limousine. And it just tore up the city of Chattanooga Tennessee the last time getting good drug and I with thirteen years ago. I find out hardly a man. It was the first time that I drank like Al legally like out with friends hiding bars and going to really exciting deal whenever I think Andy's. And I was just where you guys don't have class. Clearly the first item illegally to one drink and that's why he's the master most memorable line past and the back of the limousine and the driver and my friend had to carry me into the bedroom back. January 21 birthday or assets and senate's gonna know at 21 years seems you were at 34 study carrier. I forgot about gravity that's out maneuver more than yeah. The radio this is just my MO I get to John and his pass out nice it is how they and in my New York. Question is what TV show are you embarrassed about watching. I'm not gonna lie and I am now watching this new show called seeking sister wife finds DL he. Can't stop. No shame I am fascinated by that these families are looking for a new sister wife. Yeah couples and just the two of them and exactly is a system so right now it's a amassed itself like it is like I. He'd ever seen sister wives know what it's I'd heard the center right and got. Says this or why does not the Stanley and the guy. As. Or wives on sister wives now they haven't won since they started filming like how over many years ago seven years ago. Seeking sister wife is a new show where there. Couple little. Looking for a new woman to come in and Mary did I live with an NB a -- correct me if I'm wrong isn't polygamy illegal it is how how are waiting as we all know there's no loophole they moved from Utah Vegas on the shelves they wouldn't get arrested. Because when they give these guys that come out about their polygamy. Going daylight could kick get about it and say look it's kind of like just flat as lead which I agree. I don't care I don't give way I think you're rewritten I think you're lying to yourself that never that women care that the guys sleeping with other women. The date. Of this from anyone except for why he. There's no way better are now protesting the likes force separate marriage licenses or changes to live with for women and their swinger weirdo older tablet and not get rest dead counter protest he did not make it illegal to go down there isn't legally. Mary to the other women easily legally married to one how can he wants to legally an animal can the dummy in the room asking questions now burning in my brain since you said the word. Otherwise they're considered sister wives because there are nine women let's all married to the same man and not because there actual sister's marriage wasn't out. Okay is that the incentive does polygamy and ads is now to show you don't really worried they might hang with a lot of people not. All of them but it is like the event church of the you know Saturday saying stir about it. Easy duty you taught it didn't Warren Jeffs it slips Leno was the last thing on again yeah yeah. I think that's why polygamy is an issue but on ranks. Finding seeking sister lives alleys and essentially you're bigger and embarrassed routes. While Blair did in is let's Richardson question when is the last time something hit you in the fields. Over the over the week and you guys I got a little surprise gift from my grandparents are I got to Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl championship meaning and I got a dvd and on this dvd was an hour of the Philadelphia Eagles parade. Not the TV coverage video of the TV coverage with commentary from my grandmother. No way oh my god at one point I just care filming the TV screen there's like the other way I have I have other filling with drama revolves commentary at one point my grandpa goes sure. Well they put the camera my grandmother who sends the women's movement back fifty years she goes. I'm trying to enjoy this but the woman just keep taught not. Talk about the yeah sure I call. We are hard and laughed until I cried I was like I'll let you grandma she. Last song. I miss Larry's discouraged at all. Will race this exact extent I'll never forget. And. Get ready Eric and then I did you know on Saturday mornings in the C word your black commander Mike he's seaboard are completely vibrant guy. I had just come and now I want so I know would isn't. I'm Stephanie aren't. Now grandparents are embarrassing aren't they yes they are amateurs our quest to detect it to a 71 of 37 in May be will answer your question tomorrow morning to establish the truth arsonists. Rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.